Nintendo Switch – League of Evil #8

Round Two Ratalaika Games!


League of Evil – Nintendo Switch – Released: 8/31/2017 – $7.99

NOTE: This is a follow up to my “36 Fragments of Midnight” review which was different from my other reviews and this will be a modified version of that same formula. Let me know what you think of it! It will still follow the basic short review but has the same fleshed out aesthetics that make up my “long review”. Hope you enjoy and feedback, feedback, feedback!

Unexpectedly I found this game in my inbox after I sent in my review for “36 Fragments of Midnight” and was asked to review it. I had seen this game several times from time to time on my Android App Store and thought it looked silly to be on a mobile device when it would shine with a controller. If “36 Fragments of Midnight” is basic this is the game that is exactly what I wanted from it. A polished, precise, packed to the brim, level editor, downloadable levels, and with a story that is somewhat fleshed out. This is the game I wanted from Midnight and glad I am able to play it. For the icon lovers or haters:



I feel like the title tells you right away but League of Evil is about a group of scientist that are starting to gather to create weapons of mass destruction! It is now your job to track down and kill all of them by any means possible. That’s really it….. next is gamplay!



It is a platform game with the goal to kill the scientist. In each of the stages you have the option to collect a briefcase but it doesn’t serve any purpose but to be a collectible that shows up on the level select screen. The game has over 140 levels if you include the downloadable content it is pretty endless due to how many content has been uploaded so far. You only have 4 moves, jump, double jump, attack, and air attack. The levels are pretty easy all around depending on if you want to collect the triple star by beating it in a set time or gathering all the briefcases.


Personal Experience

I loved this game it was everything I wanted from Midnight. It has an amazing soundtrack that is all chip tunes and the game just feels really nice. I love that it has so many stages, has downloadable stages and even has achievements for those achievement hunters. At $8 it is a great game that will keep you occupied for a long time and if you want to collect everything and get the three stars in each stage it will be time consuming but something I won’t dread doing once I get more free time on my hands or as I beat a few levels here and there.

Final Thoughts

Buy it! It is a great game that I would really recommend to anyone…. if 36 Fragments of Midnight is an appetizer then League of Evil is the main course for an indie platform game at a budget!

As always let me know how the review was, your thoughts and opinions on the game, did you pick a copy already, and what games would you like to see me cover in the future! Next up will be a surprise game on Saturday that I haven’t been able to put down all this week that people have been asking me to review and I finally did it!

Update: 4/2/18

This is a game that I am glad still is pretty good. Rakalaika has some questionable games today but wish we would get the sequel on the Switch. I would give this game a 7 out of 10.



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