Nintendo Switch – Steamworld Dig 2 #11

Best Switch Game… Maybe so!


SteamWorld Dig 2 – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/21/17 – $19.99

Short Review (Review Copy provided by Developer)

The feels…. There is just so much love and feeling in this game, almost enough to make a grown man cry. I may not be the best SteamWorld Dig player but I sure loved the time I had with it. The game is relatively short depending on how you play. It is around 5 hours long if you rush but the final boss with give you a ton of issues if you don’t have certain upgrades. If you want to 100% the game, it should be between 15-20 hours which isn’t that bad given the game is only $20 and well worth the purchase. When I first booted it up I knew exactly what to expect since the first game ends on a cliffhanger with Rusty lost and Dot is telling the town’s people that he is still down there. Obviously this game starts off with Dot doing exactly what she set out to do. Go find Rusty! The world is bigger, better, and I feel as though you should still run through the first game before the sequel. My only issue is that everything up to the final boss was pretty easy then the boss shows up and it is tough as nails. I spent an extra hour just farming for jewels to upgrade all my stuff. Which isn’t an issue since digging and finding secrets is a fun experience. It is a great game all around and definitely worth every Switch owner’s time to at least run through once and hopefully we get SteamWorld Dig 1 ported over so Switch owners who don’t have the original can play through the entire game. They also still haven’t fixed the icon as of this review:


Long Review:


If you haven’t played the first game go do that this is your only warning before I spoil the entire first game for you….

Hopefully you have left!

Highlight to reveal SteamWorld Dig 1 spoilers!

SteamWorld Dig stars Rusty, a Steambot that finds out that his Uncle has tragically died so he decides to journey into the mines to find out what has happened. He eventually finds that a mysterious machine is the reason behind his Uncle’s death. Voltbot, the final boss, is from Vectron and Rusty’s uncle had been killed by him. Rusty fights Voltbot and wins but the mines start to cave in and he is trapped… after the credits roll you find that Rusty is lost with a glow of blue in his eyes. Dorothy is talking to the town’s people that Rusty is still alive and that he is safe but no one believes her.


The game starts off with Dorothy already left town on she search for Rusty. She quickly finds a sign to a new town and decides to go there on the journey there she finds her first mine. She gets through it to meet FEN, the mysterious blue flame, that helps her have a map of the mines and guides her on her journey. She exits the mine to get to El Machino where they are having earthquakes with no cause and Dot goes to investigate the issue because the town’s people said a robot with a red scarf was seen traveling in the area. She goes deeper into the mines and finds out hidden secrets of a cult worshiping a statue of Rusty and a group of people called Shiners that blame him for the terrible quakes happening.



The game gives you the option to play on “Normal” or “Easy” right off the bat so if you want an easier time you could go for it but I don’t recommend it. The game is pretty easy to begin with certainly if you take your time and really not die and farm jewels wherever you go. The game is a simple Metroidvania title that relies on you going into the mine and digging your way through areas until you unlock the next item or upgrade. I found the areas to be massive with so many jewels that you can easily get lost just doing that. I haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to this game. I believe I was sitting around 23% when I finished so with another 5-10 hours I would be able to 100% which will likely happen in the next week or so. The game has many types of mobility from your pickaxe, hookshot, rocket fist, and jetpack. My only issue with having all of these is I can’t use my pickaxe while flying so some treasure I have no idea how to obtain. They are either out of reach or out of range of my Pressure bomb.

When it comes to the upgrades there is so many and you can unlock even more if you collect artifacts. You collect jewels, cogs and artifacts to fully upgrade Dot. The cogs I found to be the most useful since they enable you to put add ons to your current weapons which range from taking less fall damage to every time you mine a jewel the blocks around it explode as well. The cog mods to me are the best upgrades since they can help in a pinch like the ability to teleport back to El Machino when you are close to dead. This helped me so many times when I am deep in the mine and I have no clue where the next tube is to get back to town.


Personal Experience

Having played the first game and Heist. I have to say I still like Heist the most but SteamWorld Dig 2 really pulled on my heart strings compared to the first game. The story isn’t expanded that much but the events that unfold are by far what is the most enjoyable experience. The game isn’t a masterpiece but it is one of my favorite Switch games so far and I will easily be spending more time in its world. I love the music and how it really makes you feel for the world and the events you are watching. The ending was a quick turn of events for me since I ha a small feeling about things but it was never obvious to me so took me by surprise. Then the final scene…. even thinking about it gives me the shivers.

Final Thoughts

Why are you still reading this???? You should already own the game and be playing it! Go I’ll wait here! There really isn’t much to talk about for my final thoughts since it is a great game and never should be stopping you from buying it right now….

UPDATE: 5/30/17

I would give this game a 10 out of 10!


End Credits!

Going to keep it simple since it is GIVEAWAY time! What I need you to do to qualify for a Wii U key for SteamWorld Dig 1 is post on the Reddit one criticism about my review. Good or bad! If you could follow me on Twitter that would be great as well but not mandatory since I can’t force anyone to do anything if I am doing a giveaway on the Switch Subreddit. My 100 hour review comes out on Saturday as well, the final day of September and it is a pretty obvious game. Another thing to note is I will be away next week at Comic Con New York but already have a review set up to go live on Weds.

I have a new review series starring my girlfriend titled “Green Gamer” and anyone that is able to figure out why it is called that I will giveaway a $20 eShop card. This review will go live on Sunday, the day I get back which I will be posting about on the Reddit once I get home. So anyone that has read this far will have the chance for two giveaways, one being SteamWorld Dig 1 for Wii U and the other a $20 eShop card if you can figure out why my series is called “Green Gamer” for her reviews.

The “Green Gamer” reviews will be a bit different but will replace the short review series that is on Weds, like this one, which will now be biweekly. She doesn’t have as much time as I do because she works two jobs while I am a teacher so biweekly is best for her. We currently have plans to revisit games like NeuroVoider and Snipperclips. People wanted me to cover more multiplayer games so this is my way of covering them. I will also be looking into having my nephew give his thoughts from time to time on simple games much like 36 Fragments of Midnight.

Thank you for reading and good luck!


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