Nintendo Switch – Double Review – Physical Contact 2048/Speed #13/14

A very surprising set of games!


Double Review – Physical Contact SPEED and 2048 – Nintendo Switch – Released: Speed: 7/27/17 and 2048: 9/7/17 – $4.99 Each

Short Review: (Review Copies provided by Developer)

I didn’t expect much from these games at $5 each. Surprisingly I enjoyed my time with them here and there since I received them. Physical Contact SPEED is in my opinion the better game but I also grew up playing the card game with my friends at school. This one took me by surprise since it doesn’t solely depend on luck but on how fast you play your cards. This was a great game to sit and play with my cousin but my nephew doesn’t seem to grasp when to play Aces, Jacks, Queens, and Kings so this was kind of a bust for him. The multiplayer on this is perfect for the Switch and if you liked SPEED as a child or now, you will love this.

Physical Contact 2048 is a completely different story since I am unsure if it is because I am terrible at the game or there is some hidden strategy that I don’t know about. I understand how to play but it always feels luck based so when I wasn’t looking at the screen I felt as though I did just as good as when I took my time. Multiplayer on this is very lack luster since you are just playing 2048 alone while another person shares the screen with you on their own board. This is a game I would likely pass on unless you really want 2048.

Both games include a tower mode of 100 levels and you either try to beat the snot out of the opponent in SPEED or gather enough points to go beyond a certain threshold in 2048. Tower mode is where the issues really show… In SPEED the computers are extremely slow. I’ve gotten up to level 20 so far and the computer still plays slow enough that by the time I play my cards I am waiting a few seconds as they slowly play their cards. 2048 is a mess since you have to get a certain amount of points and it amps up really quickly. I am stuck on level 15 which requires 3083 points and I can’t do it at all. The closest I got was 3048 and haven’t gotten close in the last hour I’ve played of the game. I don’t even want to think about what level 100 looks like for this or how long it would take.


Long Review: (I guess it isn’t really long though)


There is no story….. In both games you just play the children’s card games. 




I am more shocked that as I explain this some people may have no clue what SPEED is. SPEED is a card game that you stack cards on top of each other in number order so if there is a 4 and 7 on the field you can only put down 3 or 5 on the 4 or 6 or 8 on the 7. You win by finishing your stack of cards. In tower mode you are able to get 3 stars per level which requires you to Win, Win with the opponent still having cards in their deck, and running out of cards more than 5 times requiring a off the top of the deck card placement. 



Is a board of numbers where you slide them to form bigger numbers. You start off with two 2s and you can slide them in any direction but each time you move the board another 2 appears randomly. When a 2 and 2 collide they make 4 so you repeat this process of combining numbers until you can’t make any more moves. You can easily see the fatal flaw with his being it is completely luck based on where another 2 will spawn.


Personal Experience

I think I pretty much summed up my personal experience with SPEED being a great game for $5 with a ton of replay while 2048 is limiting and to me not very good because I am not very good at it.

2048 Multiplayer:


SPEED Multiplayer:


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good multiplayer game that is enjoyable and has a ton of replay value buy SPEED. 2048 I can’t recommend because personally I don’t like it and the multiplayer is just playing alone and doesn’t impact the other player. I’m sure other people might enjoy it but I can’t seem to understand what is going on with it.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give SPEED a 7 out of 10 and 2048 a 4 out of 10!




End Credits!

Going to keep this one short since I don’t want the end credits to be longer than the actual review lol This has been a game that I’ve had for some time now and will also be one of the first “Green Gamer” revisits along with a few other games. I hope to bring out the first “Green Gamer” review after Comic Con where I will be bringing my Switch and might even get a few people at NYCC to talk about how they felt about games. So hopefully you guys can look forward to that! Please check out my other review that comes out today as well, Inversus Deluxe. It is pretty interesting aside from one major issue that still bothers me each time I boot it up.


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