Nintendo Switch – Inversus Deluxe #15

Feels like Robotron 2084 but with a reloading mechanic!


Inversus Deluxe – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/28/17 – $14.99

Short Review: (Review Copy provided by Developer)

When I first saw this game I thought it was going to be a walk in the park but quickly I found out I was wrong. Much like Robotron 2084, this game is using a Twin Stick shooter control scheme but with the addition of a reload mechanic. The tutorial is quick and to the point to get you started but the game is no way an easy game. It relies on a point system to unlock levels which feels impossibly hard for me to get 3 stars which is required to unlock the next stage in the single player mode. The best part of the game is the online which I’ve sunk so many hours into so far. It has one on one and two on two but one on one is better since the online has slight lag with two on two. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my connection but maybe every 2 or 3 two on two matches there will be enough lag that it is unplayable due to the speed needed in the game. It is easy and quick to get into online matches and if there is ever a time that it does take long you can go into a local match while you wait.


Long Review: (Another kind of short Long section after Physical Contact)


Another game with no story…..



This is really a game where you would need to play to fully understand how it works but at its core, it is simple but hard to master game. The game uses the typical 4 way directions to shoot but you are limited to a number of shots that take time to reload. You have the option between two different shots a single shot or a charged shot that fires 3 bullets in a triple lane direction. You also have the ability to pick up red bullets that will let you fire a very fast shot that will also charge very quickly.


When it comes to single player it is broken down into several stages that need 3 stars to unlock the next one that have to meet a point requirement to unlock. I myself can’t get beyond stage 2 since it is hard as nails. The first stage drops you off in a big area which is great for the first stage since it lets you really get a handle of what is going on and how to deal with the big open space. The second stage on the other hand is narrow and lets you go to one side and pop out of the other side which can be a little confusing the first time. It also means the area is very small to navigate giving you barely any time to react to the enemies or deal with where they are spawning from.


Now multiplayer is a different story since each match is played on a different stage. One on one drops you off in a somewhat big area and lets you duke it out with your opponent. Two on two gives the same stages but in the same area you spawn at will be your teammate which can be great if you split apart as one goes up and the other goes to the left or right. This lets you easily sandwich the other players or force them into a smaller area. Each of the modes require you to win three matches which can sometimes set up real nail biting matches that come so close at 2 wins each. They also have some unlocks that will unlock after you have played enough matches you will unlock new stages, emotes, and colors palettes to customize your player. 


Personal Experience

I really love playing online since the game has a great sense of speed and knowing the stages to kill the opponent. I really love how nail biting some matches can be where you are waiting on a reload or you wait on them to go after a red bullet and you are able to take them out. It is so easy to set up matches, get into them quickly and be on your way to ranking up. There really isn’t really much else to cover in the game because it is a simple game that just requires a lot of skill to master. I am in love playing it and it is a great game to go into single player and play a round or two to see how many points you can get in a 5-10 minute sitting. I haven’t tried local multiplayer because my nephew is pretty bad at these types of games and my girlfriend didn’t have time this week to play games due to starting a new internship.


Final Thoughts

You should buy this game! It is a great game and the music is great the only issue I have is the single player is very hard but I feel with more time and effort I could get more 3 stars and get beyond the 2nd stage. I really need to work on my aiming and how to position the enemy for better combos. The second stage just puts you in a narrow area that is hard to aim and not be sandwiched between enemies.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this an 8 out of 10!


End Credits!

Not much for this one either so please check out my other review on Physical Contact SPEED/2048! I will be at New York Comic Con this week but reviews will still go live this week on Weds and Sat/Sunday. I have been having a blast with Astro Bear Party which surprised me since it is basically Tron with Bears. The review on Sunday maybe delayed if I can’t finish writing it up by Wednesday morning right before I leave. The game is Soldam which releases on the 10th physically so it would be great if it came out on Sunday but I don’t mind holding it off until the 10th as a on release review. I will also be putting all my reviews in one post per week on the Switch Subreddit to minimize how many posts I put on there that are my reviews.


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