Nintendo Switch – Astro Bears Party #16

“It is basically Tron, with Bears” – BladeWalker


Astro Bear Party – Nintendo Switch – Released: 9/28/17 – $4.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Developer)

This was a game that when I saw the trailer I knew it would be interesting. It reminded me of Tron’s light cycle sections. When I first booted up the game I went into the single player mode and it was pretty good just a survive as long as you can while dodging your own beams that you left behind. Multiplayer is where I had the most fun though and easily a game I can play with most of my family. I tried it out with my nephew first and I didn’t tell him about the ability to jump and it was really fun and I didn’t jump either. He didn’t last very long at first but once he got the hang of it it was smooth sailing and he was really enjoying it. My girlfriend on the other hand I told her how to use the jet and frustration was on fire with how easy it was for me to kill her. I didn’t really hold back but to be fair the game is pretty simple and once she got the hang out of it she kept wanting to play until she beat me…. it took a while but it was a great time. I really love this game so far and for the price it is a nice time for new and older players.

For you icon people:



Another game with no story…. You are just bears in space.


This game is the best cheap multiplayer game you can buy for the Switch. If you don’t know what “Tron” is just YouTube the cycle part of the movie. This is identical to what is going on in this game. The game plays out just like snake but in a 3D space in single player mode so you leave behind a trail where ever you go. The goal is to collect as many space fish as you can. This makes your trail even longer with each pick up. In multiplayer you use your trails to block and cut off your opponent. The best part about this game is the jet pack…. something so simple takes this game to a new level since now there are two plains to keep an eye on. You have to worry about the trail you leave behind, the trail you leave when you use your jet, and the amount of fuel you have left in your jet so you don’t run out.


Personal Experience

I have been having a great time playing with my nephew and girlfriend with this one. It is absolutely amazing since it is very easy to pick up and play. I was surprised how quickly they both got it even though they don’t game like I do. It is much like Bomberman where you could be the best of the best but one small little mistake will cost you the match. I think the concept is great but wish there were power ups or a different style of Single Player. It would be great if single player was collect the fish for 1-2 rounds then a boss shows up and you have to “defeat” them. This would help fix the issue of the single player mode being pretty boring since it is just collect these things and get a high score.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a solid multiplayer game it is amazing! It is worth every penny… it is lacking in the single player but this game seems to have been made with multiplayer first.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!


End Credits!

Kept this one short since it doesn’t offer much but when it does offer is pretty awesome. It is a great little multiplayer game that is worth the price. As you guys know I am currently on my way to NYCC so these reviews will just be posted automatically at different times. I believe this one is sometime in the morning while Rocket Fist will be sometime tonight. Look forward to that one as well and enjoy this review! Got to put my finishing touches on my cosplay and enjoy my time at NYCC this year!


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