Nintendo Switch – Rocket Fist #17

A surprised well received!


Rocket Fist – Nintendo Switch – Released: 8/10/17 – $9.99

Short Review: (Review Copy provided by Developer)

This game took me by surprise…. first surprise was you use everything to navigate the menus and throw your fist with the B button. Took me a while for that to ingrain into my brain since I’m pretty sure most games I’ve recently played used the A button. I believe Japanese games do this as well so it wasn’t completely foreign to me. The game is feels a bit strange at first since sometimes when I threw the fist it wouldn’t go exactly where I thought it would but I noticed that the character doesn’t throw straight out in front of you. They throw it like it was coming out of their left side like if you were throwing a ball. The single player mode can be unforgiven during the final two sectors because they throw in many enemies and ones that can explode if you collide into them or a bomb launcher that will always aim for you that can take you out as well. You only get 6 lives but can restart on the stage before if you die so it isn’t terrible if you game over. Multiplayer is where it really shines though. The single player is a taste of what it can be but with people sitting right next to you all trying to kill each other and with a range of items there is never a dull moment. This is basically a game that I can see friendships being ruined over! Here you go for you icon lovers/haters:



I was surprised that this game has a story. It isn’t much but enough to explain why and what you are. You are created in a factory and it gets infected by a virus. The computer system picks you up and helps you navigate through the sectors to destroy the virus. Pretty simple solid but the opening cut scene is pretty cute just watching your little robot get created then knocked into a hole.



You control a small robot which you will be able to see in the screenshot below. You are able to pick up “fists” that you will be able to launch in any direction you are facing. The ability to dash and dash into enemies to stun or drop fists is possible. The game is rather simple but takes a little time to get used to since your robot holds everything on the left side. This means anything you throw will result in will be coming from the left side which takes a bit to get use to it. Once you master that after a few levels it is smooth sailing but the problem of the B button for throwing took me a bit longer since I just didn’t understand coming from other games that would use the A button. Both of these don’t harm the game though since they just require a bit of time and you are good to go.

The multiplayer is where I will be spending a lot more time in the future. It is really fun and feels a bit like Bomberman with its power ups. The power ups are great and never feel really overpowered while using them. I also like that this game really sets the tone for friendship breaking since it is a couch multiplayer game so no matter what happens you can slightly lean to your left or right and nudge your friend for taking you out first to trying to sabotage their kills but bumping them.


Personal Experience

I really enjoyed my time playing this game it is a great multiplayer game that was simple for my nephew and girlfriend to pick up. The power ups can be a little overpowered in the game but overall a great experience. Single player I wish was a little bit easier but the restarting from the stage before you died helps out a ton when you want to run through the game. It is rather short but hard enough that you won’t be able to do it in one go unless you restart several times.


Final Thoughts

I would wait for a sale. It is a good game but feel as though it would be better priced at $4.99 since currently at $9.99 it is hard to recommend. It is fun for the short period of time and I will likely return to it with friends.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 6 out of 10!


End Credits!

As you likely have noticed I had a surge of review copies and I’ve actually gotten help to do these new reviews. As it stands I will be mainly focusing on the Sunday game reviews and my 100 hour reviews while Green Gamer and during the week reviews will be edited by me but take a step toward the smaller reviews. If a game requires more than 5 hours to beat they will be done on Sunday to give as much time as I need to focus on that game. I will never rush out a game without putting time into it and as I’ve stated before and still today. Games will likely never be ready for release day unless I receive a review copy well in advance which will be rare. The earliest I’ve received a game is 2-3 days so given I work as a teacher during the week that means only 1-2 hours of playing video games a day. That time will be used to prep Sat/Sunday reviews that need more time while Sat/Sunday will be used to cover any game reviews that release during the week.

Green Gamer will receive its first full review this weekend! I don’t want to unveil the game since I am in the process of playing it myself. Green Gamer will be an addition to the reviews, they will not replace any full reviews. I will still put out a normal review or short/long review or 100 hour review for a game if it gets covered for Green Gamer. If you haven’t noticed please look up to the web address icon…. I made my own Favicon and if you go to my Twitter you can see the full picture. The hourglass represents the reviews I do while the green top hat represents the Green Gamer reviews. I am also working with someone to do a logo for the very top. It will likely be the same idea but with a more cartoon style with a scroll wrapped around the hourglass with it being pulled out to reveal 100 Hour Reviews.

The giveaway is now over so I will now explain what Green Gamer is. Green Gamer will be a review series by my girlfriend that she will play old or new games either in single player or multiplayer with me and she will give her thoughts. It will focus on three main points, how is this game enjoyable to her, would she continue playing the game after 30-60 minutes of play, and how much did I annoy her during the play session. This is basically how it would feel for a person who doesn’t play games and has to sit with someone who plays games all the time. I figure that this is the case for most gamers that one person plays games a lot more than the person they are with. The main detail people didn’t comment on was “Green” is just her favorite color. A simple reason for the title but no one was able to get it. Good luck next giveaway! I will just be holding onto the $20 eShop card until the next giveaway which should be around my #25 review. I have no labeled them as well so we can all keep track.


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