Nintendo Switch – Tiny Barbarian DX #19

How did this game go under my radar for so long?????


Tiny Barbarian DX – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/10/17 – $29.99

Short Review (Review Copy provided by Nicalis)

You have to listen to this music first then read the review! I’LL WAIT!

This game went under my radar for far too long…. Not one year, not two years, not three years but four years? I could have been playing this excellent game that long ago. Going to college really took a toll on my knowledge of game releases when I had a PC able to play this. I even put money into a few Kickstarter projects in 2012 when this game was being kickstarted. There is an insane amount of polish in the entire game and the music *muah* it is some vinyl worthy tracks on here. I wasn’t sure about this game going in but every time I open the game into the survival style free for all before the logo. I am in awe with how much a small sample of the game gets me pumped to play. This game is pretty amazing and you get a lot for the price. I haven’t been able to put this game down since I got it. The entire ride to Comic Con, when I got back to my hotel room, when I waited in line for events, and on the ride back home… It was all playing Tiny Barbarian DX. There was so much playing I barely touched any other games because each time I died in Tiny Barbarian was another time I quickly pressed forward or told myself I was this close. As the developer puts it the game is a 10+ according to the ESRP….

For you icon lovers or haters:


Long Review:


The story is simple a Barbarian who is dangling from a tree breaks free to notice the love of his life is missing. She is a tiny woman but there is a problem. She gets kidnapped by everything and not just the typical villains either you have a wizard, a gorilla, bees and a monster in just the first two episodes. She isn’t your normal woman either she kind of deserves the kidnapping since you saved her and in the beginning of the second episde she just leaves the cave as you are sleeping. I don’t really blame her for being kidnapped by gorillas when she decided to leave my side and go out of the cave which protects her. The game repeats this story with many different bosses and end credits for each episode until you finish the game. 


The game is a pretty simple hack and slash with the ability to swing your sword in a three hit combo. These can be done in the air as well which will result in a spinning air slash. The game is your standard go left or right of stages until you get to the next screen but each area will have different “traits”.  The first episode is the “Serpent Lord” which as you can easily tell is about a snake of some kind and the big thing about this episode is the ability to ride a four legged hairy monster thing? To be honest I have no clue what this thing is but it plays an important role of being used to finish the final boss in the episode. Each of the episodes have these big traits that change up the game very much like the second episode is about bees and you can fly them. I won’t spoil any more since that will cover the first two hours of the game. It took me about 6-8 hours to beat the game and the game keeps track which I took a screenshot of here:


You can see that the first episode took me about an hour and the second episode took a little over an hour. The other episodes were about the same amount of time and the game is five episode long. Not incredible long but given the end credit scene for each of the episodes shows that I died 49 times in the stage… I would like to think you will get your money’s worth since you will die a lot.


The game gets very jam packed with enemies. On the screen right now there are 6 enemies followed by spikes. This happens a lot and there are sections where gorillas will throw rocks and fruits at you and hop all over the place. Yes, this game does have pits that will instantly kill you and there is a stage revolved around it. The stage has vines you have to go across with vultures flying and attacking you while gorillas hop around, follow you, and throw things.

Personal Experience

Well I haven’t put the game down so that is a very good sign. I thought I was going to easily fly through this game and start my next review. This wasn’t the case since the game is pretty hard and the trend seems to be I play hard games or games that you will die a lot until you figure out what to do. This game is loaded with references look at this screenshot it should remind you of a very famous tough as nails game:


This is just the main one you will see but you will see more from Castlevania and Mario Bros. During these references will have music that reflects exactly what you are looking at so as you can guess the gorilla section and the music are perfect together. I’ve been having a great time and my girlfriend loved watching it but after she played for a few minutes she just gave it back to me. It can be very hard but if you don’t like dying a lot it can be a pain watching yourself die over and over and over again.

Best part of the game is when you press down and attack…. He flexes with all his glory! But that’s not all while pressing it multiple times he becomes invincible. Let that sink in there is a button that he flexes and becomes invincible. 

Final Thoughts


Don’t buy digital! Go buy physical for all the extra stuff and order it right this minute. As I was playing this game I ordered myself a physical version because I loved it so much. I wanted to throw money at the developer because it is a solid game that was made with only three people according to the Kickstarter. An amazing feat for such an amazing game!

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 9 out of 10!


End Credits

I don’t even have time to work on end credits because I am currently backlogged from playing Tiny Barbarian DX instead of working on reviews! So check out the next end credits in the next review which will be Soldam releasing tomorrow and then Yono on Thursday! So many great games this week and more just keep coming in…. My reviews are jam packed because Comic Con threw a rock into my plans by not letting the Switch have internet so only text was worked on all the reviews. They still need pictures and screenshots because of the lack on internet. Green Gamer is still on track but will likely be delayed until next week so sorry about that. Working out some details on how to present reviews and I recently got something in the mail from eBay which I’ve been testing with the help of another reviewer so stay tuned for that.


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