Reviews for the Week! 10/8/17

Astro Bears Party 

Released: 9/28/17 – $4.99

“It is basically Tron, with Bears” – BladeWalker

Link to the full review:



Rocket Fist

Released: 8/10/17 – $9.99

A surprised well received!

Link to the full review:



This will now become the norm for linking my reviews on different Subreddits! I wanted something that was more consistent and easy for people to see what game they want. I will only be posting the short review from now on and this will be posted weekly to keep track of everything.

As always let me know how the reviews were, your thoughts and opinions on the games, did you pick a copy already, and what games would you like to see me cover in the future!

**My Twitter: https://twitter.com/LifeOfGamingMus**

Please follow me on Twitter it helps a lot! Reviews will be posted on here the moment they go live which typically will be a few hours before it is posted here because my topics have to be approved before they show up.


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