Nintendo Switch – Tower of Babel #23

Can’t find it on their website….


Tower of Babel – Nintendo Switch  – Released: 9/28/17 – $9.99

Short Review (Review Copy provided by Developer)

Not even sure where to start, I will say this game is unfinished. There is potential for a good game but it has so many issues that need to be ironed out. I held out on this review for a long time since I knew the developer was aware of some of the issues I emailed to them. Two weeks later and no update on said patch. This game isn’t terrible surprisingly but the technical issues really forced me to judge this one greatly. The game is a runner game, your character always has to move forward with no way of stopping. You do have the ability to slow down or speed up and you dodge crushing pillars, traps, and pits. I found this game to be pretty enjoyable when it works but most of the time things feel as bit off. When you start the game I like the idea of it going from black and white and filling up with colors but wish it was more over time so as you collect gems it gives the screen more color. The dash/ducking button has a weird glitch that moves your character even faster resulting in a speed running speed which breaks the game in some ways. Jumping works great but I feel as slight delay and it isn’t caused by the framerate dips from time to time. I want this game to be good and it could be if they fix the issues, I like endless runners I play them all the time with my nephew. He surprisingly liked this game as I couldn’t grasp why it had so many issues. Under all of the issues though is a solid game where you run on a 2D plain and 3D plain which has intense moments due to how close you have to be to traps to activate them. If only they would fix the issues I would gladly recommend this game but in its current form I just can’t.

Icon for you people:




It is a runner game but it has a great idea of going up the tower, grabbing gems, and then you have to run down the tower as it breaks apart. Tower of Babel has an interesting idea but due to technical issues the game is spotting. If you are dashing near pillars in the 3D sections it is possible to go in between them instead of taking damage or having to dodge a trap. Your job is to collect so many gems on the way up and make your way back down the tower. It is great going between the 2D and 3D sections and my nephew had a blast playing it but after a stage or two he gave up due to the ramp up in difficulty.


Personal Experience

I may not like the game currently but I do see potential if they fix them… I even got set a record for the game!


I looked high and low for a trailer and nothing…. I looked on their website for EnjoyUp nothing…. I am shocked that a game like this made it on the eShop since on this screen you can see the issue:


EnjoyUp was the company that made La-Mulana…. A great game so not sure what went wrong with this one. The music is pretty good so that is also a plus!

Final Thoughts

Don’t buy this game! I would wait until a price drop and hopefully they fix the issues. It would be a great game for $5 but currently no way for $10 considering the issues.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 1 out of 10!


There isn’t one…. but thank Contra Network for the Gameplay footage 😀

End Credits!

I’ve been working on this game for so long when I started this review… I didn’t have end credits. So I don’t really have anything to say here. My bad…


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