Nintendo Switch – The Count Lucanor #30

A great game for the best time of the year!


The Count Lucanor – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/18/17 – $14.99

Short Review: (Review copy provided by Developer)

This was a game I wasn’t too sure about going in but the opening really drew me in. I was about an hour in when things really started to take their toll as I was trying to figure out how to get by enemies and trying to get enough gold to purchase certain items. The opening really made me think twice about things since this was a game that depending on what you do in the beginning will effect the rest of the game. I didn’t know that going into it so I thought well, I won’t give them this item because I may need it. Rather not give away something that I will need soon, I quickly regretted those decisions as I had to pay for not giving them items real quick. This is a game I would recommend but it is on the short end so don’t go into it thinking it will last several hours. I was able to beat the game within 3 hours but it does offer some replay-ability because of the different ways to getting to the end and the end itself. 


Basic icon nothing special:



You are Hans and it is your birthday! Which would be exciting but you are poor so when you return home you find that your mother has nothing for you and I believe your father is dead? It isn’t really explained but it seems that way given what is happening. You are clearly upset and angry at your mother for not having anything for you. Hans storms off and says that he is going to run away to have his own adventure. He meets a few strange characters that will soon either be your ally or your enemy in the near future. Hans reaches Castle Tenebre, where The Count Lucanor lives but is very sick. A Kobold explains to you that if you are able to figure out his name you will be able to become the new count. There is a catch though you must venture into the castle to collect letters to be able to guess his name, if guessed correctly you win the honor of becoming the new count.



You will mainly solve puzzles while gain more letters to solve the answer of the Kobold’s name. I found that walking…. is slow…. like real slow. I understand that he is a child but I’ve seen some fast children so when I get caught with an enemy is most cases I will always get hit once. It is really bad when a certain enemy will pull you in and you will be able to outrun it but then a goat comes out a nowhere and attacks you. It is a bit of an issue but you get enough healing items that it never becomes an issue. During the entire playthrough I only died twice and once was completely my fault because I really shouldn’t have walked into the spikes which I could clearly see.

Personal Experience

It was a pretty neat experience and the puzzles are pretty easy but using candles was a great way to keep me on my toes. I always felt like I was needing more and then all of a sudden more appear after I check a few places. The ending is pretty great which I was surprised by since I really didn’t expect much but a good job with end credits.

Final Thoughts


I would say wait for a sale. It is hard to recommend the game at $15. Even though I enjoyed it and think I’ve got my money’s worth it is hard to say someone else will enjoy it. This game is also very unique so there is nothing else like it certainly on the Switch. I will be adding some gameplay footage in a few days since I have been trying to branch out my YouTube channel with more gameplay from all the games I have.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 6 out of 10!


End Credits

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Pretty nice game to end start the week, a little late but it is finally here. I will be starting my let’s play this weekend hopefully. I was finally able to play some Fire Emblem Warriors and I couldn’t put it down. Pokken and Sine Mora EX are still sealed… really should get those started as well. If you haven’t noticed my 100 hour reviews will be late. I am aiming for mid Nov with Super Mario Odyssey for Early Dec. I will have more free time again come Dec. but currently school and work are taking their toll and many reviews are suffering slightly but will be update to date rather soon. 


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