Nintendo Switch – JYDGE #31

Rogue-hate? That’s a thing I guess


JYDGE – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/19/17 – $14.99

Short Review: (Review Copy provided by Developer)

I was very surprised to see another game by 10Tons in my inbox after recently reviewing Neon Chrome, another game by them. JYDGE is a prequel to Neon Chrome but not in the same way I thought it would be. When I booted up the game I thought it would be more in line with Neon Chrome but thankfully that wasn’t the case. As any person who reads my reviews knows that I typically get tough as nails games and that can be a good or bad thing. This is on the good thing side since it is a Roguehate, which is a word I believe they made up because the results on Google give me just JYDGE pages. Roguehate is a genre which I believe is a top down shooter that has roguelike elements but no randomly generated levels. Every level is the same but the missions can be tough as nails and they require you to do some pretty tough things to get to the next level. In JYDGE, you create your own character with different weapons, mods, and upgrades. These are earned over time after doing missions and completing goals. Each mission has 2 modes, normal and hardcore, and each mode has 3 objectives, this means each stage has 6 things you are required to do to earn all the goals and be able to get all the upgrades. This game solves the main issues I had with Neon Chrome, where Neon Chrome doesn’t explain much JYDGE does a better job and doesn’t have a high difficult curve that many people will appreciate in the game

Simple icon… to the point I guess:



Channel Neon is covering a hostage situation when the head of the JYDGE program, says it is time to send him in. JYDGE is a very successful program so they deploy more JYDGEs to take the streets. People are very skeptical about the roll out for more as Channel Neon covers the events that you are in charge with. This results in some questionable story telling since it is slow but enjoyable as each act has a short news broadcast from Channel Neon. I won’t go too much into details since there is only 4 acts with around maybe 3-5 minutes worth of story but it is enough to understand what is going on and what you are now associated with.



You start the game off by being a generic JYDGE, he just has a basic weapon and no modifications. After you complete the first mission you unlock some modifications and a hardcore mode for that stage. You are required to complete a set number of goals to get start the next stage. These are pretty easy as long as you get two out of the three you won’t really have to replay any stages until the end of the story section. Once you complete a chapter you will need to go back and likely do some hardcore versions of stages. Each of the hardcore versions have slightly different enemies and placements of all the tougher enemies. There are also times where there are more than one. Once you get to the end of a chapter you will have to fight a boss. The bosses aren’t as crazy as Neon Chrome but since they offer a hardcore mode they can get pretty interesting due to the goals that need to be completed. You repeat this process for Acts and the game is over and I would recommend playing Neon Chrome right after it.


Personal Experience

I am really enjoying this game, it is a game that I can easily turn on played one or two missions and do something else. I feel as though that is how I played most of the game, I never sat down and played for hours at a time. I do enjoy this game much more than Neon Chrome just because I am spending more time on certain stages instead of each mission being a brand new stage.


Final Thoughts

I would say buy it, it is kind of short but worth it for all the different goals. You will need a lot of time to unlock everything and get all the goals. If $15 is too much I would say $10 is the sweet spot!

Personal Gameplay:




End Credits

Slowly catching up and I do plan on having my Let’s Play start tomorrow!


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