Nintendo Switch – Knight Terrors #33

I just keep coming back for more…


Knight Terrors – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/24/17 – $2.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Nicalis)

I didn’t know what to expect from this game beside the amazing trailer that really hyped up the game. Just from face value you would think it is just a Flappy Bird clone which in some ways it is but it is still a great pick up and play game. It doesn’t have a one life game over which is nice and the controls feel exact so each death feels like it is completely your fault. There aren’t many modes but they do offer a nice range of modes that will appeal to most people or you will favor one or two over the others. My only issue is the way of unlocking them, they all require you to complete a task in each of the modes which are get so many points and get to a certain level. Now it doesn’t sound that bad but if you aren’t very good at a mode, you can see where an issue could be present. Another issue is loading, not sure if it was just random but sometimes it does take a bit longer to load than other times then randomly it will load up pretty instantly. Not sure if this is due to the random layouts or the game in general needs a lot to load in some cases. It isn’t terrible but the pick and play nature of the game really takes away from it if you want to get a quick run or two in. I would say this game is a great buy for $3 since I know by my standard of $1 per hour, I’ve definitely done more than 3 hours with this game so it is a good buy in my book.

Simple icon nothing too special:



No story…. Really would love to know how this happened though.


It is your average free running game but the twist of having enemies to take out and power ups. The game has 5 modes which are all different, Normal which you just run fighting enemies but no penalty for enemies that go pass you, Flight Terrors which you always have to press the flight button so you don’t hit the spikes on the ground, Endless Knight which is like Normal mode but now has a penalty for enemies passing you, K-Type which is a combination of Flight and Endless and gives you a projectile and Knightmare which given its name you can put together that it is crazy hard but it is just the normal mode and you now have one life. You can unlock power ups once you get so many points and if you are good at the game it will only take a few runs to unlock everything.


Personal Experience

I really enjoy this game, it took me a long time to unlock Knightmare and I played it once and never went back to it but it has been great. I love being able to play it and get in a quick 5-6 minute run while I am bored and want something that won’t be a drain on what I am doing or distract me too much. I know with Mario out I missed my bus stop playing it and that hasn’t been the case with Knight Terrors so I will likely be playing that each time I am close to my stop so I don’t miss it anymore. 


Final Thoughts

I would say if you want something just to kill time go for it. It isn’t much to write home about but if you like this style of games Nicalis has you and it has a ton of polish for such a simple game. I wish it did offer a mode where you could pick your weapons or just a mode with no penalties and you are just running trying to get points.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!






End Credits

I am a man of my word! I’ve been posting a video every day so far in Nov. minus the day that Disgaea 5 Let’s Play got delayed until today due to getting Octodad and I wanted to get that gameplay out the same day. Hopefully you subscribe and keep enjoying my videos and reviews! I have a lot of reviews for next week so please look forward to that and I will likely get my Putty Pals review up today sometime after I do some more edits. 


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