Nintendo Switch – Perception #36

A game that comes full circle… lovers of Nintendo to making games for Nintendo!


Perception – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/31/17 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Developer)

I have been very interested in this game for a very long time, 2015 to be exact. I remember seeing this game being Kickstarted 2 years ago and when I saw it, I knew I wanted to play it. There was one problem, I didn’t own a PC good enough to play it. The idea of having a blind character and interacting with the world seemed like a great on paper. After playing it on the Switch, it finally cemented the idea that it can be done well. The idea of being a horror game was also a nice touch even though I rarely get spooked by any game. This one was no different the jump scares and rotating camera to face something scary never got me once. I am also a person that found FNAF to be laughable. Perception is a game that I went into knowing the Kickstarter so the journey to get it on the Switch has been a long one.
Perception is about Cassie, a blind woman, that checks out the Echo Bluff, a mansion that is being haunted. She finds a creature called “Presence” that lives there and starts to hunt Cassie. You are only armed with a few tools but will find yourself hiding from any real damage. Cassie uses her cane to interact with the world and create your way of sight around the mansion. Making too much noise will let the Presence track you down. Using your cane too much to find out where you are will always be an issue if you use it too often. The game has many settings but I found the medium settings plus chatty Cassie to be the most enjoyable. I loved the option to have many types of Cassies and something I have never seen before in games. It was like having the option of having the game feel more like a movie versus more like a game. With those settings I loved being able to lay in my bed and feel as though I was Cassie during my run. While the other run was with a not much talking which was nice but I liked the story she had to tell. Not sure how long that was on the table for the game but it was a great design choice that I wish more games would have.

I really love this icon:


Story of Perception and Deep End Games

I explained a little bit in the short review but the game stars Cassie, a blind woman, who goes to check out Echo Bluff. She was going to be with by another person but he was unable to get there and Cassie has to make this journey alone. Entering the mansion nothing is out of the ordinary but doors start shutting, ghost start appearing, and things move. Considering you are a blind character many of these things I would find scary weren’t. The use of the camera panning to the source makes you focus on that objects that can be shocking the first few times. I found the use of the cellphone to be interesting, it is a way to believe the story. A few times her friend calls but her friend isn’t there and on a place yet is still able to contact her. It gave an eerie feeling that gave me a shiver as Cassie started to process that “how could he contact me while on a plane”. “Presence” is hunting you down and doing things around the mansion. I don’t want to go further than that because the game is fairly short.


This is the simple but interesting part which I hope they push on in a future game. The game uses the cane as your main source of navigating, this was the big appeal to me when the Kickstarter first launched. The idea of using the cane is very unique and your cell phone is the other item you will be using from time to time. You will move from room to room or area to area to find clues as to what is going on in the mansion. Collect trinkets that Cassie will talk more in-depth with you and figure out simple puzzles. I found this game to be more like watching a movie and you are in the roller coaster always moving forward. The game takes some pretty nice aspects such as your phone is able to translate what is on a piece of paper. Seeing that the first time made me google if something like that was a real thing, yes, an app like this does exist but I don’t think it really is for the blind. You will also solve puzzles and depending on which Cassie you have chosen will result in her always telling you the answer or you having to remember what to do. The game does have a what to do next button if you want to use it that will make what you have to do next glow.

Personal Experience

Running through the game was something I knew I wanted to do from the start no matter how long it took but playing it twice gave me a better understanding of what was going on. The game does a great job explaining itself but having the option to have a talkative Cassie, medium talking, and barely any talking was great. Hearing every thought and comment from Cassie was great since it made me understand her better and make me like her more as a character. The game barely meet my ratio of dollar to hour but the unique game play and story was something that pulled me in enough that I would recommend it to anyone that wants something different. Also, follow them on Twitter surprisingly they are very interesting people outside of the gaming world that post constantly.

Final Thoughts

I would say go for it if this sounds and looks interesting to you already. If not wait until it hits $10, I found it incredibly enjoyable and worth the money. I will gladly support Deep End Games with any future titles and hopefully some are on Kickstarter where I love to throw money at indie developer that have console launches. I am excited to see what they do next and hopefully this game is doing well for them since they deserve it.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game an 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:

Trailer: (Couldn’t find the trailer for the Switch)


End Credits

Really wish I got this review out earlier! I had beaten it by release by got swamped by other reviews and wanted to run through the game again on the harder mode. Really check out my YouTube channel, I post game play every day, started a Let’s Play for Disgaea 5 Complete and will be starting another series called “Journey to 100 Hours” that will cover the bulk of my time playing these games for hours on end.


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