Nintendo Switch – Violett #37

Man this game is tough….


Violett – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/26/17 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Developer)

Did you ever think once in your life that you were good at a genre of games? This was me two weeks ago when I booted up “Violett”, being a person that grew up playing Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and all the Telltale seires I thought I was pretty good at Point and Click Adventure games. Violett was more in the vein of King’s Quest, I quickly found out. It does it give you a lot of hints which I used all the time but it still felt as though it was a “Where do I go?” sort of game. Violett is about the puzzles and some of them took me a while to get or I just used the hint system since I was sitting there for an hour just clicking on everything with no avail. Violett enters a world after she moves to a new house and her parents are fighting. The amulet she picks up while looking around the house transports her into its world where she has to find a way to escape meeting many different creatures and learning about them through picking up pages. The game doesn’t offer many cut scenes to explain things and even the ending doesn’t explain much but in the world you will find these pages that will further explain creatures in it. This game is hard to say yes or no to since I personally thought I was good at this genre of games but this game reminded me that maybe it is a genre that I don’t fully understands due to being spoon fed answers in recent titles from Telltale.

I really like this icon to be honest:



This one is a bit tough to explain since the game starts off with a short cut scene and then nothing else is explained until the very end. Violett is a girl that is moving to a new home and her parents are always fighting, it seems. She looks around the new house and goes to her room when she notices an amulet on the floor. She picks it up and transported to this new world. As she is there her parents are highly upset and her job is to find a way back home. The game doesn’t go much beyond that but during game play she is able to find papers around the world giving us more information about the creatures in it.


The game is your standard point and click with the ability to move objects that are far away from you using physical abilities. This isn’t really explained at first but it quickly hints to tell you about it which will be the main way of dealing with items in the game. You will collect objects, move objects, and give objects to certain characters. 

Personal Experience

Violett is a tough game and I’m not sure if it was due to my lack of playing these games growing up or being spoon fed answers in Telltale games. I liked the challenge but always resorted to using hints to solve things if not it would have taken me even longer to beat the game. The art style is great but in-game I wished they used the same comic book style as in the opening and ending cut scenes. The 3D is cool but I think I would have liked the 2D design better. I have no clue how long this game is suppose to last by the way since it took me a little under 10 hours to beat. I did take my time but it felt like forever due to some of the puzzles.

Final Thoughts

This is the first time that it is hard to pin down if I liked the game or not. The game has some interesting characters and objectives for you to do but I had to use the hint system a whole lot. I was lost all the time and it reminded me of when I wanted to play through the older King’s Quest games since I had never played them before. Violett is one of those games that was frustrating but I was still able to beat it because of the tools they provided which is great since I never had to go online to figure something out but on the other hand should you be using it all the time? I would say it is a good game to test out if you have nothing to play and crave a point and click adventure game since that is a genre we really don’t have on the Switch since Telltale is more story driven than puzzles. It might be better at $5 but not sure since I enjoyed it enough that I would spend the money.  

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 6 out of 10!


End Credits

Pumping out reviews everyday this weekend because I was off a few days this week so was able to really put out reviews.


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