Nintendo Switch – King Oddball #41

Well that’s 10 hours I’ll never get back…. and I loved every minute of it!


King Oddball – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/30/17 – $5.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by 10Tons)

I was really shocked about this game. I held off on this review because of other games but I really missed out. I thought it was just going to be a generic Angry Birds clone which in some ways it is but it is unique enough that it kept me entertained until I finished the game. For $6 this game offered more than enough for me to be satisfied. King Oddball is hell bent on destroying the world and how does he plan on doing that? By invading the world and launching rocks to destroy everything in his path. Ok…. It’s story isn’t going to win an oscar but the faces he makes made me laugh several times. Anytime you run out of rocks he just gives you the look of “This is all your fault” and I feel bad each time. The game is broken down into sections that have around 16 stages per block. Some stages will really push you to think about how to complete the stage while some stages will be simple that only takes one try with one rock. I would say if you like Angry Birds or anything that is similar you will like this game. I spent so much time playing it once I started it but then again I always find myself addicted to these puzzle style games.

Such a weird icon:



You would be surprised to know that this game has a story. I did cover this in the short review and that is the end goal so what you know is the entire story.



It is your standard throw ball to destroy targets. Simple but it does have some unique things that I really liked. The ball is always moving in an arc which means that it will always go in an angle. Much like Angry Birds once you let it go it will have a mind of its own which never feels like you are in complete control. This to me is always the driving force of me replaying stages which can be a pain for some people but I actual love it. I love being able to come to a stage and see where the rock goes and hitting the table when I have one left and I completely miss. The great mechanic that I love is that is the rock bounces off of something and it comes close enough to the King that he can grab it. He will grab it and you can use it again. There are in game achievements and one is getting the rock back five times and I have no idea what level would let me do that. The achievements are pretty hard with some being get back five rocks to getting a combo of 4+. There are special selection of stages as well that give you grenades and the other is only two rocks to finish a stage.


Personal Experience

Like I already said… I spent way too much time playing this game. I keep picking it up playing a few stages and putting it down. It is so hard to put this game down but I am glad I finally finished it so I can get back to other games. I spent a lot of time doing the special stages which can be really rough in the later sections where you have to really figure out how to throw a rock to have it return to you. I found the grenade stages to be the most fun since what you need to kill is always under a ton of rubble. They require you to blow them up or make the grenade get squeezed into a small crack to destroy them.


Final Thoughts

I would say buy it! It is a great purchase at $6, if you like Angry Birds or just need a way to kill time, it is great fun. I think it has a lot of content and you will be able to share with game with anyone and they will understand how to play and what is going on. It is silly and I didn’t want to put it down after every play session.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 8 out of 10!


End Credits

KEEP EM COMING! Working out some recipes and trying my best to figure out how to do the video. Might not come this week ran into some issues with my friends on what time to do it and debating on what to do. We have three options on the table and one friend said to do all three. That isn’t going to happen since I don’t want to make three just for us to decide the video wasn’t good.


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