Reviews for the Week! 11/19/17

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Last Week’s Reviews: Reviews of the Week! 11/12/17


Ittle Dew 2+

Released: 11/14/17 – $29.99

A new adventure continues….

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Ittle Dew 2+ #39


Revenant Saga

Released: 10/19/17 – $12.99

You would be very surprised!

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Revenant Saga #40


King Oddball

Released: 10/30/17 – $5.99

Well that’s 10 hours I’ll never get back…. and I loved every minute of it!

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – King Oddball #41

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Log Jammers and Coffee Crisis – Beta Builds

PC and Switch releases early 2018

Very interesting set of games… 

Link to the full review:

PC – Log Jammers and Coffee Crisis (Beta Builds) #1/2


End Credits!

As you can tell I started doing PC reviews and I am currently in the process of getting my 3DS and Vita ready for reviews! I will mainly be using the 3DS to cover smaller titles from the past or games that are getting ported to the Switch. The Vita will be used to do gameplay videos since I love my Vita and have a few games that I love picking up and playing from time to time. As always let me know how the reviews were, your thoughts and opinions on the games, did you pick a copy already, and what games would you like to see me cover in the future!



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