Nintendo Switch – Time Recoil #42

The story alone kept me playing!


Time Recoil – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/26/17 – $13.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Developer)

I would say the story is very interesting and it is massive amount of information. Each time you travel to the past you will find out more information. This information will be used in many ways but mainly to track down the villain who has taken over the world. Agents will be collected to further perfect the time machine so you can go to the exact point in time. It is amazing how this story will present to you and I love it for that. The gameplay on the other hand is a novelty, I like the slow down but for me it gets old rather quickly. It was fun the first few times but doing things fast felt much better for some reason. That is not to say it is a bad game mechanic, I just got tired of it after a while. The story is what really pushed me to keep playing the game. It has a lot to offer if you like the idea of traveling in time with no changes to the present by bringing people from the past to the future or having new information for the present. It is interesting how many times they go back without no real damage to the present time. The game is another game by 10Tons which is great but suffers from being almost the same idea in a different skin. I love their games but if you play one and you like it, you will like the others. On the other hand if you don’t like one, you will likely not like any of the others. I would say if the gameplay looks fun go for it and you never know you might end up wanting their entire series!

Icon is very simple taken from the main screen:



You are an agent that was able to survive a procedure that left you with the power to travel time and slow down time. In doing so you are picked up to kill a man that has taken over the world and destroyed it. He is your main target but there are several interference that don’t allow you to just get to him. You are the only test subject to be able to travel through time but it is limited. You are tasked with trying to collect members and bring them to the present that will share information about the villain. There will be people you have to rescue that will be able to prefect the machine for time travel so you can go further into the past. Your job after all of this is to kill the villain to prevent the future from happening.


A typically twin stick shooter. The main difference will be the ability to get continuous kills to get a streak attack. This ranges from dashing and killing all in its path, a spread attack that kills in a wild area, and another one that I won’t spoil. These are the bigger gameplay elements along with the slow down mechanic. For each kill you get a short period of time of slow motion if you land another kill it extends it, land another one and it lasts even further, until you can’t anymore. This is a nice mechanic but I found it better during the times I didn’t have it since everything shoots you very quickly so it feels like a bullet hell shooter. Being in slow motion is nice but it gets old fairly quickly to the point I wish I didn’t have to deal with it.

Personal Experience

I really like this game but JYDGE to me is still a better game overall. This game is fun and obviously the most story driven but there is no replay ability here. Once you beat the game that is it so nothing to go back to and nothing else to see. I found that JYDGE is a game that I go to at least every other day or every few days to try my hand at a mission. Time Recoil is not one of those games it is best just to play once and move on type of games. It is a good game with a great story but feels identical to the other games from 10Tons. That isn’t a bad thing since 10Tons provides some great games in my opinion so at least one is worth trying out.

Final Thoughts

I would say it is a great story but the game plays like the other games from 10Tons so if something catches your eye you should go for it. The games are fairly cheap and all play somewhat the same or at least enough that if you like one you will like them all. If you don’t like one you won’t like the others is typically how it works for these. If you must have all Switch games wait for a sale if not just check out the gameplay and decide.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

My Personal Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

I FINALLY GOT A MICROPHONE SET UP! It isn’t great but it is a start and I was thinking about doing a room video to show everything I have as my first video with my voice.

Remember the giveaway is still going on and my review for Ginger should be up sometime this week. I will also be offering a second copy of Ginger when the review goes live so there will be two chances as long as you submit entries!


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