Nintendo Switch – Wheels of Aurelia #43

Hmmm really not sure about this one.


Wheels of Aurelia – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/24/17 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by the Developer)

How should I put this…. Wheels of Aurelia is a very difference type of game. One part driving, one part visual novel, one part multiple choice questionnaire? That about sums it up, I guess. It is very hard to put a thumb on where to place this game since from beginning to end I’ve never experience anything like this. Playing multiple visual novel games in my life tells me that story is always in the forefront which Wheels of Aurelia has by the truck load with its 16 different endings. A cast of characters with such difference personalities I wish there was one normal person. I like this game so don’t get me wrong when I say this but I am not sure who this game appeals to. It is hard to recommend this game since it is a visual novel that lets you decide how it ends and with so many endings the game will have you coming back for more.

Icon is right to the point for this one:



You play as a woman named Lella and she is driving Olga, a friend of hers to France to fix an issue she is having. Along the way she meets some good, bad, and crazy characters that all want to hitch a ride with you. The game has 16 different endings which are all really difference since they play out from either really good to really dark. Depending on the path you take will set you up for a difference ending. This can will make you choose between different characters to pick up, take them to their location or not, or just have a casual drive to France.



You are in an ever moving car while answering questions. This could be with Olga or the nice amount of hitchhikers you will pick up. You can decide to outright ignore the people you pick up which will set up an ending or depending on which hitchhiker you keep up with or take to their destination will set up another ending. This game is pretty short if you just want a single ending at around 20-30 minutes for one ending. The game has 16 ending though so to get through all of them will take dozens of times and hours to figure out. I only got around 10 and wasn’t sure what to do for the others and ended up looking up a few of them just so I can finish and experience more of them.

Personal Experience

This one took me a while as you can tell by the date of release and I had a good time with it but not sure who this appeals to. I like the visual novels aspect of it and the multiple endings but don’t see it as something most people would want to experience. The driving is pretty bad but it isn’t about the driving but then it is. You will have times where your ability to drive, race, and answer questions will play a role in one of the endings. It is hard to focus on all these things while the car you are racing has no issues but you hit another car and you ultimately lost the race. I like that it has multiple endings but wish there was a better way to keep track of them.


Buy or Wait Thoughts

I would wait for a sale since I do believe most people should give it a go at least once and visual novels lovers would like the multiple endings. It is just hard to recommend it when I don’t know who it is really aimed for.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 6 out of 10!

My Personal Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

This week has been pretty rough as you can tell by the lack of reviews. I’ve been pet sitting most of this week because of a friend of mine having to go to Europe which was unexpected for me but great for him. I love being there with the pets but as far as I know there is no wifi in the house or at least when I asked about it he told me just to use the computer in his room. So I got to play a lot more games so next week is jam packed with reviews but this week is a bit slower with WoA coming out today and Ginger Beyond the Crystal is coming out tomorrow. Thanks for reading and remember my giveaway is still going!





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