Nintendo Switch – Spellspire #45



Spellspire – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/9/17 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by 10Tons)

This game was the peak of finding out how childish I am with words and going to college doesn’t prepare you for any type of letter building game. Spellspire takes the core idea of getting a set amount of letters and creating words with them to deal damage to enemies. Sounds easy enough unless you are like me and quickly figure out you may not be as good with words as you think you were. I couldn’t stop playing this game but if you don’t know a ton of words it can be a train wreck to get through. It has 100 stages but you can repeat stages that are slightly harder. I really enjoy playing this game but finishing college didn’t prepare me for how dumb this game made me feel after a few rounds.

I like the icon even if it is just of the character you are playing as:



Not much to say here you are a wizard going up a tower defeating all the foes in your way. Nothing crazy but at least we got a little story to go around with it considering it didn’t need one.


You will always have to match letters up to create words depending on how long the word is you will do a set amount of damage. Items can be upgraded or weapons can be purchased to do more damage. Opening chests or buying items from the shop can help you during battles but you will have to rely on yourself more than anything else. The difficult for me went up pretty quickly but if you read the short review you already know I am pretty terrible at words.


Personal Experience

Sometimes you feel as though you have your life all together and you are an adult. Then a game like this comes around to remind yourself that you are still very much a child and your child sense of humor comes out in rapid fire. There were many naughty words put against my foes and each time I laughed as I played them. It is great to have such a care free game and something that I really enjoy that doesn’t make me think too hard but hard enough to make me feel like an idiot. I loved playing this game!

24059471_10155898019077812_194601212642553997_o (1)

Final Thoughts

If you love words definitely go for it…. if you want to get better at words then definitely go for it. The entire ride plus some of the repeated stages was a great ride and definitely something that I would pull out for a quick match just to find out, “I was not the chosen one”. 

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 8 out of 10!




End Credits

This week is a rough week going to be a lot of review in rapid fire due to last week having a week off so many reviews are going through the final edits phases while videos will be going up daily once again. 

The giveaway is still going on as well:


Look forward to the next giveaway which will be Sine Mora EX after I finish the review sometime next week. You will need to be a subscriber to enter to win though while RIME will likely be given out to anyone following me on Twitter.


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