Nintendo Switch – RIVE: Ultimate Edition #53

Did I need a wise cracking, side scrolling, platforming, shooter? Apparently YES!


RIVE: Ultimate Edition – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/17/17 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Two Tribes)

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this game since it was a game that I’ve had for a while on Steam due to Humble Bundle deals. Let’s just say the backlog on there is in the hundreds of unplayed games. I just didn’t know, I had a hidden gem for so long. RIVE is something really special which I wish I gave more attention to right away but during this period of time everything seemed to be coming out and things got a little backed up. To make up for that though is a real gem. RIVE is funny, sometimes difficult but 100% fun. Booting up the game it felt like it was be a normal side scrolling shooter and then the main character talks and it reminds you quickly that it is a game and going to be really over the top. Being able to shoot everything that moves and hack machines to control is satisfying to say the least. It feels spot on to take out enemies and for a person that loves SHUMPS this was right up my alley and once I started playing I didn’t want it to stop due to how many times I would laugh out loud or find myself plowing through a section just to be crushed by the amount of enemies on screen.

Wish the Robot was the main highlight in the icon but at least everything is visible:



You play as a random guy…. now that I think of it I don’t think we learn his name. You wake up to find your robot ship is in space going through an asteroid field. You get all your systems up and running but many things are down currently. You fly through the field to find an random carrier but once inside you find out it isn’t friendly. Your character just wants to loot it and finds out this place isn’t the greatest.



The game has a few modes but obviously the story mode is the crown jewel of the game. The story mode is kind of a mix of progressing the main characters goals which is upgrading your robot and getting all the loot while the other part of it is racking up the highest score on each stage. Each stage has a scoring system in place that will determine your place on the leaderboards which is fun but I never seemed to crack more than 400. The story mode is around 4-5 hours but it does offer a hard mode but that feels more in line with other SHUMPS. The other modes is my opinion is where the game shines. Missions just lets you replay certain stages, Challenges has 18 unique things to do which can be really silly like killing roaches to protecting a skywhale, and Battle Arena has you locked in a certain area to fight off waves of enemies.


Personal Experience

To be honest I played this game for a bit a little bit before launch but then everything started to come out and I got swamped. Once everything cleared up though I ran through the game in one sitting and have been playing the missions and challenges on and off for the last two weeks. I wanted to 100% the game before putting the review out since I knew I didn’t have that much left to do. I really loved playing this game and sadly this is Two Tribes final game so hopefully they will allow another company to pick it up.


Final Thoughts

If you like side scrolling, go for it, if you like shooters, go for it, if you like characters that remind you of Duke Nukem, go for it. What I am saying is if you have $15 to spare and want a good fun time, you should be giving this a shot. It is on the short side at around 4-5 hours to beat but the game offers other stuff to keep you coming back for some more that need to be unlocked after you do a few things.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 8 out of 10!




End Credits

This game was really fun and shockingly so I really wish I got to it sooner! I took time out to play it on my PC the other day to see if there were any differences but nope which is a great surprise. Reviews will be coming out almost daily so WOOT WOOT for that! Pedro has been a big help this week and did a great job on the Minecraft review which you should check out. He will be dishing out a few more over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for those. I did do an unboxing video recently but guess what…. the item I got broke after one use so I returned it right after unboxing it. That’s all for now in End Credits but as always let me know how you liked the review, what games you are playing currently and I’ll see you on the next End Credits! OH YA! Still have that giveaway going and after it is done Sine Mora EX review should be up and that will be next to be given away!




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