Reviews of the Week: 12/17/17

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Reviews of the Week: 12/10/17


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Riptide GP Renegade


Released: 11/7/2017- $9.99

Does Riptide GP stack up to likes of Mario Kart or is it a game that should have been kept on mobile?

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Riptide GP Renegade #52


RIVE: Ultimate Edition


Released: 11/17/17 – $14.99

Did I need a wise cracking, side scrolling, platforming, shooter? Apparently YES!

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – RIVE: Ultimate Edition #53


Plantera DX


Released: 12/7/18 – $4.99

Was my excitement justified or is Plantera DX a deluxe failure?

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Plantera DX #54


Portal Knights


Released: 11/23/17 – $29.99

Did Minecraft need more Adventure? 

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Portal Knights #55


Tennis in the Face


Released: 12/8/17 – $4.99

Tennis in the face is surprisingly fun, it takes everything I’ve known and loved about Angry birds and gives it a funny modern twist.

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Tennis In The Face #56


End Credits!

As always let me know how the reviews were, your thoughts and opinions on the games, did you pick a copy already, and what games would you like to see me cover in the future! Ginger giveaway is also still going on and will be done around New Years!


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