Nintendo Switch – Tennis In The Face #56

Angry Birds with a modern personality

Tennis in the face is yet another Switch release by 10ton, which was great because I knew that I can expect a certain level of quality when it comes to that studio. However even with my expectations, I had absolutely no clue of what Tennis in the face was going to be about, and that in itself made reviewing the game a mysterious journey.

After almost beating the entire game, how does it stack up? Let’s find out!


Tennis In The Face – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/8/17 – $4.99

Short Review

Tennis in the face is surprisingly fun, it takes everything I’ve known and loved about Angry birds and gives it a funny modern twist. While I wish that some of the soundtrack and character lines were more diverse, I absolutely can’t complain at the very fair price of only $5.

Here is the Icon for Tennis In The Face:



Instead of swinging birds, in this game you play tennis (except the ball bounces everywhere and has enough force to kill people). The gameplay is very simplistic, which is great because it makes Tennis in the face an awesome entry game for children, specially now in the midst of the holiday season. The game starts off pretty easy, but soon starts requiring a lot of strategy and thought, which in my personal opinion just enhances the experience. What makes it even better is that the game offers so many levels that it comes out being definitely worth the price.

Modern Twist

As I mentioned before, Tennis in the face has quite a few modern twists that make it special but none of them are in the gameplay. These twists come in the form of characters and story as the game tries to underline modern political issues. For example there is an entire species of enemy that complain about “old people not understanding them”, which does hilariously sound like our modern millennials (I am only 16 but I swear that I sound like I am 60 as I write this). These modern twists made the game just that much more enjoyable as being able to connect with the universe the game created was really just a pleasing experience.

How Is it on Switch

This is one of the very few games that support all the features of the Switch for such a low price point, and that is really lovely. What is even more lovely is the fact that all gameplay styles feel really great, making for a very well rounded experience. The game ran like a joy, never stuttering or taking any significant amount of time to load.

The Ugly

The only bad thing I can see with this title as mentioned before is the repetitive soundtrack and character lines. Every time you load up a new section of the map, your enemy will say some sort of silly line like “who took my doughnuts”, while they are all cute and funny lines, hearing them over and over just takes away from all that magic. The soundtrack while awesome, also loses its charm after you’ve heard it for the 600th time. None of the two are deal-breakers however, specially at $4.99.


If you need a game for someone who just got a Switch and don’t want to break the bank, Tennis in the face is an amazing cheap title that gets most things right. For $4.99, all nit-picky complaints can be overlooked which makes Tennis in the Face a surprisingly charming experience.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 8 out of 10!



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