Nintendo Switch – Kid Tripp #64

The jump in difficulty is so high….


Kid Tripp – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/23/17 – $3.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Four Horses)

This was a game that looks are very deceiving and it is a very good thing. I purchased this game a few days before the Switch release on the 3DS to get a better grasp of what the game would be about since I couldn’t find any information on the 3DS version. I started up the first level on the 3DS and it was fairly easy but that’s was when things got rough. This game looks innocent enough but it is far from it! It is a very hard game and you will be seeing game over again and again and again and again until you beat the game. I was surprised by this since I thought it was going to be a pretty easy game. Then I got the Switch version and they were right everything was the same on it and I got myself handed to me again and again and again until I beat that version. For $3 you are getting a whole lot of game even if it is just repeated deaths until you get lucky or what feels like you got lucky. I loved booting this game up even thought it is very hard it is a very good game that made me want to break my Switch multiple times.

Great icon simple and nothing too special… Did wish it had the name though:



There is a story even though it isn’t much. Your character is flying his plane when he hits a giraffe and his plan crashes. This causes the animals to fly off into your direction with the giraffe behind them. He then runs off and that’s all the story we get. 


It is an endless runner but 2D side scrolling. It doesn’t change anything so you will always have to do the exact somethings each time but it is possible to slow down or speed up. This can result in the stage completely changing or you might run into a wall where you can wait then proceed. These can really come in handy if the next section has platforms that are moving in multiple directions and you don’t understand what they are doing at first.

Personal Experience

I thought this was going to be a walk in the park but that wasn’t the case. It was funny to start off the game and then it went up so quickly I didn’t know what to do. I died many times before I was able to beat certain stages. It does feel a bit like Dragon’s Lair though that once you beat the game once completely it is definitely possible to fun through the game without dying. I went several stages without dying on the Switch version but the later stages are still tough as nails.

Final Thoughts

Buy it! If you like this style of games and like the trailer I would definitely go for it. It is a ton of fun and for the price to number of hours played I am looking at a game I paid less than a dollar for both versions. The Switch is the best version but it is a pocket style game so if you have the option for the 3DS I would get that one as well.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 9 out of 10!


End Credits

Another review for a game that I highly recommend! It was great fun. Another short review to keep up with how much I have backlogged but I am so close I can almost taste the newer games. Then i can finally get back to SMO and Xenoblade 2… yes I haven’t beaten either of those games. It is funny to think that being a reviewers takes up a lot more time than people think. Giveaway is less than a week so don’t miss out!



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