Nintendo Switch – Splasher! #65

Where is the Nintendo website page for this game, keeps disappearing????


Splasher – Nintendo Switch – Released: 10/26/17 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Playdius Games)

Have you ever wanted Portal 2 but in a 2D side scroller? Yes? Well let me tell you about this game that instantly made me think about Portal numerous times while playing it. That is a very very good thing in a sea of Nindies(?) that are either incredible or just average and this one is on the incredible. Long story short I was having a bit of an issue obtaining the review copy of this that resulted in it becoming a backlogged game. This review should have been out way way earlier since it was a game I couldn’t put down once I started it. I really enjoy this game since it reminds me of Portal and the platforming is on point. The game is straight forward you are a guy that needs to collect his friends and escape from the villain…. Hmmm where have I heard this before. Oh yeah, Oddworld. So I guess it is if Oddworld, Portal 2, and Mario because the game requires you to collect a certain number of people to unlock the next area much like Stars. Splasher is a unique game that takes some of the best features of other games to make a game that is unique but fun. It reminds me of Dust Force as well with the ability to move across painted areas that are on the ceiling much like Dust Force lets you clean the ceiling and run across it. There are enemies and things in the way but they are always a push over. The small enemies only need to be hit with your water gun with 2 or 3 shots while the bigger ones require you to knock them into water or activate a shredder to collide with them. If you want something to fill in a 2D plaformer void or want something that is fast pace and easy to grasp this game is for you. 

Simple icon…. like always not much to say about these:



A worker at Inkorp is just cleaning up one day when he sees a cracked door. What does he find out? The boss is using fellow workers and pumping them up with Red and Yellow ink to the point when they almost burst. It is your job to free your friends and escape Inkorp. Surprisingly that is it but like I said in the short review this game is like Oddworld. 



It is a standard 2D plaformer but you have a water gun that allows you to clean up areas. You will always want to collect as much golden water drops to fill up the final cage to obtain all your friends. They will easily spell out SPLASHER! when you are done the stage. Stages will have water sprouts, a red ink that lets you run up walls, a yellow ink that bounces you everywhere, and multiple triggers that require you to aim your water gun at to move into different places. You will also need to collect a certain number of friends to unlock more stages. This means you may have to replay stages if you missed many. Getting all of them is really easy if you know what you are doing and just killing all the enemies in your way. You have challenge rooms as well where you will need to defeat a certain number of enemies to collect your friend.


Personal Experience

Another game where I finished in a few sittings. It is fairly short at around 7-8 hours if you are taking your time. I enjoyed every minute of it some sections were a little rough but just because I would play for a few hours then come back another day and the controls felt a bit strange to me each time. Once you get into a groove it feels perfect though. I wish it had more so I really hope a Splasher! 2 is on its way since this game could go really anywhere due to the game mechanics.


Final Thoughts

This review is going after my top 10 list… You should already know what I will say. Yes, it is ranked #4 on my list so of course this game will be recommended! I heavily enjoyed this game since every time I booted it up it gave me a smile with each person I picked up knowing I am one step closer to getting a 100% on it.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game a 10 out of 10!




End Credits

Just keeping it going while Pedro is away! He should be back any day now 😀 I have a few more reviews left to get done for this week and then I will have a fully complete week of review up. The first on the website so thank god for vacations and holidays. Going to just keep these short and simple until I have more time to work on them again and like always the giveaway is still going on so jump on that too!




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