Nintendo Switch – Antiquia Lost #66

Much better than Revenant SAGA but miss a lot of things


Antiquia Lost – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/16/17 – $12.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by KEMCO)

This game is a much better version of Revenant SAGA the only issue is I don’t like how the battle system looks now. Instead of the 3D that was in Revenant SAGA it goes for the 2D battle system which looks better but I really like the “Tales of” style they were going for in SAGA. I really like the story in this one since it is a bit dark but has very light hearted characters. If you read my review on Revenant SAGA a lot of the same stuff applies because the same developers worked on this game. It is nice to get something familiar but completely different this time around. It revolves around important people going missing and your team of heroes are out to find out what happened and find out why/who has been taking these people. It is a very average RPG story but the inclusion of Lunaria, the girl that is second from the right in the title screen has the ability to eat gems and copy enemy attacks. She is the star of the entire game being the awkward Princess that can turn into a slime to taste her friends. Yeah… it is very weird and happens so often in the beginning that you don’t question how weird that concept really is. It really drives the entire she is a “water” based creature all the way since the other member of her tribe doesn’t do that. I would say go for it if you want an RPG that is more in line with Final Fantasy but still has some awkward controls that were somewhat fixed from Revenant SAGA but I may have gotten used to the weirdness.

I really like this icon it really stands out next to other ones:



Bine is an average boy that goes on this journey to get a Princess to the capital city. It starts out innocent enough with just understanding Bine’s village being a small and nothing happens there until he ventures out. He goes into a forest when he slams into Lunaria and she splits into multiple parts. She is part of the Ruta Tribe of people and her unique power is to eat gems and become more powerful. She tells Bine that she needs help because her mother is sick and he says he will help. Lunaria has to test him to prove so she “taste” him but completely covering him in her slime form. She agrees that he is a good person and takes her to her mother. She is very sick so they go find the ingredients to help her. When they return she is captured by a demon and they track her down to rescue her. They find out that people have been disappearing so Lunaria has to go to the capital city to find out what is going on. Their journey begins when they meet another member of the Ruta and Eeth Tribe to join forces to find out what is going on in this world.


It is an average turn based RPG with the ability to equip items and fight enemies in random encounters. Lunaria does have the ability to eat gems to become more powerful and later on she is able to mimic enemy attacks but these don’t really effect the game as much as I thought they would. During combat enemies will only spawn on four squares which is a shame and there are really no big monsters to fight like in Revenant SAGA, this is one of the things I was missing since enemies got huge in that game. In this one there are some big ones but due to the small area they can be in they don’t seem as large as they should be. Much like older Final Fantasy games enemies can only be in certain squares and can only be so big.

Personal Experience

I really enjoyed this game and much like Revenant SAGA it is a long RPG which is great but bad for reviews since I wanted to know how much was different. It is a great game and I wanted to finish it before reviewing it. Much like SAGA I would say it is better overall but not much better since the formula is still the same so what you see is what you get.

Final Thoughts

I would say go for it! It is a much better game overall than Revenant SAGA minus the issues I have with it. The slight control fixes might it better alone but it could be because I got used to it.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game an 8 out of 10!




End Credits

Another review down and there is only one left I believe for a full week and Pedro should be back after that one is up so hopefully he is working on a review 😛 I know he is since I saw what he was working on but hopefully his vacation wasn’t too busy. We will be trying to get in contact with Xbox developers to get keys for those games so look forward to those in the near future hopefully! Let us know if you know any developers that are willing to help out a small website. Again the giveaway is still going on for a few more days!





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