Nintendo Switch – Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today #68

Well this was a pretty disturbing game…


Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/21/17 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Badland Games)

I remember seeing this game on Kickstarter a long time ago. I was debating on backing it but it never got close to the stretch goal for the Wii U version so I passed since I didn’t have a gaming PC like I do now. It looked very interesting given the art style and the team behind it who are unknown to me but include a Cat Whisper, Terminator, Barista, and Mini-Keyboard Fanatic. The game feels more like an experience than an actual game just wanted to point that out first. It is like a visual novel but with some puzzle elements and a lot of listening to characters talk or reading if you want to finish the game faster. The entire game does offer voice acting which was surprising given it being a Kickstarter game and everyone sounds very good. It tells a very dark story of something called “The Wave” which ultimately destroyed the world but then a virus outbreak happened shortly afterward that finished the job. The combination of both of these created an area where our character lives that is a refugee camp for any “healthy” people. Inside it didn’t matter if you were rich or famous everyone is treated the same way. No one comes in and no one goes out except people that know people on the outside that are valuable. The camp is safe inside but any one that is sick gets removed and anyone who tries to stop them gets killed. The story covers Michael and his story is…. well you don’t really find out until later because he doesn’t remember so you could say he is the player. All the same questions I had in my play through were questions he was asking people. I thought this experience was well executed and sometimes difficult to stomach what was going on in the world. It really is a dark place and the game has no issues making you feel for the characters around you.

Link to the Kickstarter:

Icon which seems to be the picture used for every publicity promotion it seems:



As explained in the short review Michael has amnesia but you are taking in by a family that found your body at shore. You have no identity outside of vague memories of being woken up and a woman calling you Michael.  He was found with no wallet, no ID, and clothes were completely ruined resulting in receiving new clothes from your caretakers. Michael goes out into the camp to find out more information about what has happened to the world and find a way to get to the outside. He doesn’t truly believe what has happened to know the world as he talks to all types of people. He finds a rich man that just sits by his cart and another man that has the ability to get anything from the outside. 


It is a point and click adventure game that is more like a visual novel at its core. I was surprised by this since I thought it would be more like a click adventure but everything is pretty much handed to you until you get further in the game. The first 30-60 minutes is just talking to characters and very dialogue heavy until you really get to venture on your own. There really isn’t much else to explain since like most point and click you get some puzzles but none of them are like the older games where you didn’t know what to do with an item.

Personal Experience

I found this game to be very disturbing but very well executed since the entire game made me made stomach turn. The world feels very real and Michael has the exact same questions I had all the time. He would want to know a certain aspect of what happened to a character and I would have the same feeling. They would mention something that I had a question about and the next line of questions included that question. It is very odd to pick up a point and click adventure that is willing to talk about dark topics and be so forward about them. Why did the man get shot? The question would be answered within the next question or two. The game is fairly short at around 6 hours but the attention to detail was amazing. 

Final Thoughts

I would say if you have a thirst for something dark and like point and click or visual novels, pick this game up. It is well worth the price in my opinion, it is dark, gruesome, and something that the future could definitely hold. If you don’t like any of those things I would still check it out if it ever hits lower than $10 since it is worth the one play through or if you don’t mind watching someone else play it. Go for it, it isn’t an excellent game but it makes you question a lot of things. If that was their goal they really hit the spot and hopefully we see more from them. I will definitely be keeping my eye on for this indie team for future titles.

UPDATE: 5/30/18

I would give this game an 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:







End Credits

A bit of a rough week with work starting back up again but getting back into the groove. I should actually have two reviews up today. The other being either Transcripted or Crimsonland, which ever I am able to record some more gameplay of. I will be trying my best to include all personal gameplay along with the trailer since a few people were asking to see more if I could. I know some people like it and the others can easily just skip it and they are both at the end of the review so people don’t need to bother with it. I do have an extra copy of the game to give away so please enter like always. 



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