Nintendo Switch – Xenoraid #71

Hmmm something a bit different but still an arcade feeling…


Xenoraid – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/17/17 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by 10Tons)

Disclaimer I thought I had finish this review a while back but apparently I never put it up, so here it is sorry about the wait. This game is average just to get that out of the way for the price point. I love to go by a $1 per hour gauge and it does fit it since it offers multiple modes to go through either with someone or solo. My issue with this game was it is too easy… I found the entire game needed a very hard mode or something at shmup level. I know it wasn’t made to be that but with the lack of a real story it is a hard game to tell others to pick up. It is an average game which is kind of sad since I really like a good amount of 10Tons games. They make very good game but sadly this one is pretty average. I find the multiple pilots to be a great idea but since we never really know more outside of their full names, you end up not caring about them. I wish they expanded on that aspect since there could have been some enjoyable characters in this game. The game is about an alien fleet that humans tried to contact and nothing came out of it so what do we do? We go and kill them since we can’t make ends meet. The co-op is fun but since the game is very easy my nephew mainly just made me do all the work while he watched and moved his ship. I would say it is easy enough for children but as an adult that loves shmups this isn’t a game I would pick up for myself.

Another simple icon but I do wish it had all four ships that you control:



It doesn’t offer much story outside of your normal alien fleet is attacking and it is our job to take care of them. I do find it interesting that we have a multi-pilot system that they could have given names and expanded on them. Much like Aces it would have been a nice touch but given this is a budget title I didn’t expect it too have an extensive story at the price point of $10.


Typically space shooter but with the twist of up-gradable weapons and a four pilots at the same time that are swapable. I really liked this feature since when you are close to death with one you can easily switch out to someone else.  The upgrades make the game fairly easy though with the four different pilots. They allow for different types of weapons when you need them and since weapons can overheat, you can easily switch to someone else when you need to.

Personal Experience

I did find this game too easy… I never lost a pilot while playing so if anything I would say this is geared to children unless you decide to put rules on yourself. Pilots can die easily if you aren’t careful but this isn’t a hard game overall so I never found myself switching that often. I think only toward the end I had to swap out twice but besides that a single pilot would get me through an entire stage.

Final Thoughts

I would say hold off on this game until it is $5 since it does offer a lot but the game to me is a bit to easy. It never made me feel like I had to worry about things and since the game doesn’t have a real story I didn’t feel any attachment to the character. Even though the pilots have names, unless you really look toward the bottom left hand of the screen while in a mission you aren’t going to know who is who. I never bothered to even learn their names until I went back to write this review. It is an average game so if you like it you will likely enjoy it but I wouldn’t spend a ton of money on it.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 4 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Little busy this week but Pedro is back! YAY! His review should be coming out sometimes in the middle of the night I believe so look forward to that! Don’t forget about the giveaway:


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