Nintendo Switch – Bloody Zombies #73

If only there were people online….


Bloody Zombies – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/23/17 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by nDreams)

This game is a lot to take in…. For $15 you are getting a whole lot of game. It is long and really enjoyable but does have a few things that hold it back. I’ll start with the negative since there isn’t much but could be a little disappointing. Online… It has it and you could do it but no one is online it seems. Much like Mantis Racing, I wish there were more people playing. I was able to play with a friend for a bit but one stage alone is long I don’t expect to finish the entire game online. Only if it had drop in drop out anytime support would it better possible to finish the entire game with a friend. Another issue is character feel slow I wish they would move slightly faster but it gives you a definite wave of nostalgia as you are playing since it feels like older 2D beat em ups. The last issue is enemy and character hit detection, sometimes it is right on point and then other times it feels just slightly off. Some enemies do have a longer reach which sucks since they will always try to attack you as you are trying to combo something. Those out of the way the game is excellent! Music is great, controls feel spot on, the range of power up moves is great, and the boss battles, can be fairly easy after you get the pattern but also great. I really highly recommend this game if you are fan of older but definitely slower paced games in the genre. The voice acting can be a bit weird but I think it is the European accents…. most likely that since I’m very use to zombie attacks being in the United States. One of the characters look exactly like “Lee” from the Walking Dead Telltale games which was funny to see since the entire time I expected Clementine to come out.

Basic screenshot but wish they had the characters around it or maybe some zombies:



Story is pretty simple Zombie Apocalpse is going on. A group of strangers meet after a cargo ship crashes into a building. They receive a transmission informing them that they require their help to take back different areas. All of them come together to take down the zombies wave area by area to clean up the cities outside of the wall keeping the zombies out of London. 



The game is your standard beat em up so what you see is what you get. The game does offer the ability to change your power up moves from time to time that feel more like they are ripped from Mortal Kombat. With some attacks doing a “Get over here” sort of motion while another has a Hadoken motion. The ability to have four different attacks that you can change up from time to time make the game a little bit easier since they work great on bosses. While bosses are very easy I do like them a lot but most of the time the jump attacks are pretty broken since as the girl there seems to be some invincibility frames that let me just jump and attack with no hit detection from the boss. Outside of that the game is pretty standard with dozens of enemy types and a wide range of areas.


Personal Experience

I loved playing this game if you are playing solo with each stage being several minutes long but would be much faster with another player. I was only able to play with 2 other people, my nephew and cousin, and they enjoyed playing it but got tired quickly likely due to so much repetition. I thought it was great but considering how long levels are I wish they were broken down further so it could be a pick up and play style. Playing on the bus to and from work always had me stop playing after a certain points and resume hours later. Load times seem to always be a slight issue with sometimes it feels very long and other times it feeling fairly short.


Final Thoughts

I would say go for it! If you like this genre it is a fun game and if you have friends that also like older games it is a fun time. I wish I was able to play online but no one is on which is a bummer so if anything know that barely anyone is on. It really did require a drop in and out anytime method with the ability to let people join in even in the single player. I love Street Fighter for having this feature even though sometimes I would get annoyed when I am in the groove and boom! “A new challenger has arrived” shows up on my arcade mode. 

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game an 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Easy week so far I have a lot of reviews ready to go for once so things should be smooth sailing this week! Hopefully everyone in the states is enjoying their day off because I had a great day hanging out with family and went to see a movie. Wanted to see another movie but couldn’t decide so if anything I highly recommend going to see Proud Mary! My giveaway is still going on and look forward to the review of Sine Mora EX later this week along with that giveaway.



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