Nintendo Switch – The End is Nigh #75

Soooo this is what happens when Binding of Issac meets Super Meat Boy….


The End is Nigh – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/12/17 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Nicalis)

First things first…. I actually didn’t know this game came out on PC months ago. I was extremely excited for this game even though I could have played it a while back but I guess it went under my radar because I didn’t have a good gaming PC until the end of summer. Back to the short review! When I booted up the game the first time I laughed way too hard I wish I had recorded it since Ash is such a great character that I wish we saw more of. Much like Binding of Issac it has a very dark tone for the entire game but like Super Meat Boy will make you really laugh out loud. The End is Nigh is another tough as nails platformer from Edmund McMillen and one that makes you know that you messed up because the controls are solid. This game takes a lot of aspects from Super Meat Boy but lets you grab ledges and shoot yourself into the other direction. This makes for some interesting placements of collectibles that are in each stage much like the band-aids from SMB. Story isn’t something to write home about since the opening cut scenes is all we really get outside of NPC lying around and the ending. Ash is in a world that has been completely destroyed and he goes out to “create” a new friend. If you liked Super Meat Boy obviously this is a definite pick up if you liked Binding of Issac… eh? maybe not because it has the dark tone but it is basically Super Meat Boy 1.5 before we get the true Super Meat Boy Forever. 

Icon is eh just because it is the box art just cropped:



Ash wants to be a Steamer or YouTuber? I actually have no idea what he is doing in the opening recording himself but he wants to play an old game that he loves but it crashes. He freaks out since that was his last connection to the world he used to live. Ash decides to go out into the destroyed world to create a new friend. Hopefully able to live a better life or die much like most of the population. 


Much like Super Meat Boy this game will make you die….. and die…. and die… I don’t even want to take a screenshot of how many deaths I have. Let’s just say it is over a few hundred since collecting the tumors is each screen can be rough. Some of them feel near impossible and even though I’ve gotten most of them you can see how much trouble I still have in my gameplay footage. The game makes you aware that every jump and death is your fault since it feels perfect when you play it. 

Personal Experience

I am so close to 100% the game which is why this review took so long to get out. I love this game so much but it is because it reminds me of Super Meat Boy another game that took me forever to beat but eventually 100%. I’ve put in around 20-30 hours and a little over 90% done most of the final things that need to be done are just on me. I either can’t find what I am suppose to do or the precision has to be so on point that I can’t easily do it. On the train I look for tumors almost every day since stages are small enough that even if I take several minutes to figure it out.

Final Thoughts

Obviously go for it if you crave more Super Meat Boy but with the dark tones of Binding of Issac. It is an excellent game much like Super Meat Boy so if you are willing to put the time needed to get better you will enjoy this game but if anything since Super Meat Boy is now on the Switch you could dive into that if you want more comedy with your platformer. If you want something like Binding in terms of story than this would be a better pick in my opinion for you.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 9 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Buhhhh this game is rough! I love Super Meat Boy so returning to this formula was great just makes my hopes for it even higher. I haven’t been able to put this down even when I remembered to put in a request for Super Meat Boy it was days after it was released since it too went under my rader. SMB only did that because I’ve played it multiple times on multiple consoles over the years though. Having it for the fourth time on another console is a bit much if I was able to secure a review copy even though I haven’t reviewed it before. It would just get another excellent review and likely no different than what has been said a thousand times in the last 8 years. Check out my giveaway:


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