Nintendo Switch – Letter Quest Remastered #76

Another game that test my lack of vocabulary…


Letter Quest Remastered – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/23/17 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Digerati)

This game to be honest is rough not because it is a hard game but because I am pretty terrible at these types of games. I enjoy playing them but it is very clear that I am not the demographic for these games. The game is fun but if you are like me you may want to brush up on some easy 5-6 letters words that use an assortment of letter combinations. Surprisingly my niece who is in grade school demolished this game… her only issue was during the “boss” battle which requires you to deal out several big words or use spells to deal more damage. I was able to beat the game and for the price you are getting a lot to chew but it is more due to the luck factor if you are garbage like me. It has several ways to keep you coming back for more with its multiple stars to obtain in each level. These can be incredible hard if you don’t cheat your way to getting the final stars that require something crazy like beat a stage using a set amount of words. If you like Scramble or games like Words with Friends I would say go for it since it offers a lot for the price and seems to be great for children. 

Simple icon which shows a lot of the enemies you will encounter on your quest:



The story is about Grimm going to get a pizza… Yeah, that is the ground breaking story they went with. I understand it is kid friendly but when I first started it I was like really? That’s all. Uh ok I didn’t expect much but got a little laugh out of me the first time. Nothing too crazy the remastered edition includes Rose as another playable character but we don’t know much about her.


As stated this is a letter based game so you will get a set of words but has a few gimmicks. Depending on the enemies they will do attacks that cause your blocks to crack, poisoned blocks and blocks that you cannot use for a set amount of turns. You do have the ability to upgrade your health, damage and purchase items that are one time use that will do massive damage or heal you. 

Personal Experience

Will state this again for the people in the back… I am garbage at these types of games. If you look at my gameplay I clearly cheated at the very end since I didn’t want to die to the enemy when my timer had already gone off for my recording. I did continue playing for another half hour but didn’t want to include almost an hour’s worth of gameplay when I have already beaten the game at this point. My niece was having a great time when I went over to their house and let her play for an hour. She just sat there and would ask me for advice from time to time just because she didn’t understand what to upgrade but she seemed to enjoy it a lot. She did it tired of it after the first “boss” but after she beat it she just kept playing which is a good thing. The game is very kid friendly but for the adults playing it does allow adult words that I tried my best to not write in my gameplay videos just to be safe.

Final Thoughts

I would say this game is a lot of fun if you want something word based but it is rough at times because luck does play a big roll. For $15 you are getting a lot but does have some hard spots due to the randomness being a bit much from time to time. I feel as though if the game didn’t have such randomness which resulted in a few times with a ton of Qs but no Us to pair with it, it wouldn’t have made me rage repeatedly. The game is fun but unless you already like this genre it is hard to recommend but remember I am garbage at this while my niece couldn’t stop playing even though I had plenty of other games for her to play. My nephew sadly is too young to play these types of games so his input this time around would be no help since he barely knows many big words let allow spell all of them.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Playing a little catch up on these older reviews since some of them required a bit more time than I could give them when I received the review copy. This is one of those games that I wish I was better at and wanted to give to other people to see how they felt about these games since it is more of a mobile game than a Switch game. At its own it wasn’t too bad but this is why I clearly point out that I am not good at these games. Spellspire was another game that I couldn’t believe how difficult it could get so quickly and the amount of luck I personally needed was a shame. It is sad that I am so bad at words yet use them almost every day for lesson plans, my reviews, and talking to people and then a game comes and reminds me. Giveaway is still going for another week:


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