Reviews for the Week! 1/21/17

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Letter Quest Remastered

Released: 11/23/17 – $14.99

Another game that test my lack of vocabulary…

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Letter Quest Remastered #76



The End is Nigh

Released: 12/12/17 – $14.99

Soooo this is what happens when Binding of Issac meets Super Meat Boy….

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – The End is Nigh #75



Phanton Breaker Battle Grounds Overdrive

Released: 12/7/17 – $9.99

So many Waifus to choose from….

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Phanton Breaker Battle Grounds Overdrive #74



Bloody Zombies

Released: 12/23/17 – $14.99

If only there were people online….

Link to the full review:

Nintendo Switch – Bloody Zombies #73


End Credits!

As people can see Pedro is no longer writing for the website because of school so reviews will go back to around 4-5 each week but I have been preparing reviews more on the weekend due to no longer having a job on weekends. So my weekends are a bit freer so just going to use that to write up an extra review or two so down the line may have a full week of reviews from time to time. Either way thank you for the support!

As always let me know how the reviews were, your thoughts and opinions on the games, did you pick a copy already, and what games would you like to see me cover in the future!

I still have the Dead Synchronicity giveaway going and the review of Sine Mora EX has a date for publishing early next week so sorry it didn’t come this week but it is ready.


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