Nintendo Switch – The Sexy Brutale #78


*This is a review of the game pre-patch which is currently in development*

Like finding a dead body in the midst of the night, The Sexy Brutale plans to create a mysterious playground- a dark nightmare. However after playing The Sexy Brutale for roughly two hours, I found that the game’s only nightmare, is the game itself.


The Sexy Brutale – Nintendo Switch- 12/7/17- $19.99 (Review copy provided by Developer)

Here is a high resolution version of the icon for the game:


Enter Knowing Nothing, Leave Knowing Too Much

The Sexy Brutale is a murder-mystery game published by Tequilla Works, also known for Rime. The Sexy Brutale has a rather unique take on the genre, a mission starts by dropping the player in an unknown location, usually ranging from houses to mansions.

These locations despite being rather cliche for a murder-mystery, are rather large, offering multiple possibilities on how you go about solving each crime. What is even more unique however, is that The Sexy Brutale doesn’t tell the player a single bit of information. You won’t know who will be murdered. where, or even when. This concept made for a game that was truly captured its mysterious nature, something that Tequilla Works definitely deserves my applause for.

Time is also a cool implementation in The Sexy Brutale, or the lack-of I should say. The game constantly tells you that you only have a certain amount of time to finish each mission, but the twist is: you can rewind time to your advantage. When combined, all these aspects come together to make for an experience that is unlike any other I have experienced in the genre.

Flowers Not So Beautiful

Whilst The Sexy Brutale offers great gameplay, the transition to the Nintendo Switch was completely terrible. Rime was, as previously mentioned, also done by Tequilla Works; yet despite Rime’s prior efforts in maintaining a smooth fps, The Sexy Brutale manages to perform worse.

The terrible performance would be forgivable if it wasn’t for the fact that since the game released, no patches have been released- leading me to believe that The Sexy Brutale may forever have such terrible performance.

For this reason, The Sexy Brutale comes as an avoid. Despite its uniqueness, Tequilla Works made terrible effort in making the game run smoothly, leading me to strongly suggest that you spend your hard-earned $19.99 elsewhere. If you want to experience this great game, do it fair justice, and buy it on another platform.

It is a shame that porting to Switch has been such a hard-effort for Tequilla Works, but I truly hope for the best in the near future.


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