Nintendo Switch – Nine Parchments #80

I thought they said it is best in multiplayer… yet I loved single player!


Nine Parchments – Nintendo Switch – Released: 11/5/17 – $19.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by FrozenByte)

This game is a bit rough in single player so just want to point that out first and multiplayer is the best way to play. I had a lot of fun in single player mode but coming from Diablo 3 nightmare mode all during college this was a walk in the park. Some parts were a bit challenging but overall the game feels like a Diablo without as much loot but all the same charm and fun. I really wish it was more beefy when it came to story but it is only a $20 game. I love how this game looks it has so much charm and everything on the screen is eye popping. I wonder how it would have looked at 4K since everything in this world feels like it was rip out of a Mario game. The game is fairly long if you are playing solo but it can be beaten in about 6 hours. It has a ton of replayability with the a huge range of characters to play as. If you are playing with friends there is a ton, I guess they took a page out from Has Been Heroes when it came to what your characters you can choose from. I highly recommend this game if you need something to scratch that Diablo itch!

Really wish the icon had some of the characters you can play as:



Group of students decide that the best method of learning would be to go out into the world and have hands on experience. The story starts off with your character going to class once at class the professor hears a bang in his office. His book loses pages so the students go out to find the pages… That’s about it. It is really simple which is great since the game doesn’t need a complex story to pull you in.


If you have played any top down arcade game like Gauntlet that is how the multiplayer feels like. You level up, gain new spells, pick up items, and most of all help each other out to make sure no one is run over by enemies. Single player on the other hand is more like Diablo 3’s single player. It can be rough and slow but to me rewarding. The game is very slow in single player because everything takes a lot to kill and enemies can easily take you out if you are caught in a bad position. In my gameplay video you can see it happening from time to time and this is just the early sections of the game. I did want to get a lot of different footage since I didn’t start dying until later in the game on my own play through. What you see is what you get though with the benefit of picking up more spells that will be required for the many different types of enemies. I think the best part are the enemies with resistant shield that need to be broken or enemies that straight up resist certain spells.

Personal Experience

I wasn’t able to play as much multiplayer as I could. I went online once for about an hour with a friend and the connection was great but I feel as though I had more fun alone since the game didn’t feel like it got any harder. When I tried 3 player with my cousin and nephew it was also fun but again I had to teach everything and my nephew had a very hard time with it. The controls aren’t user friendly for kids so I wouldn’t recommend it for any child under 6. I found it the most fun just playing alone to be honest it was faster to get through levels and I didn’t have to wait on anyone so maybe I am too used to playing alone on Diablo.

Final Thoughts

I would say if you are craving a little something like Diablo but on the easier side, go for it! The game is an excellent starting off point for anyone interested in this genre. It plays amazing, the art style is excellent, and the addition of multiplayer would be fun if you like that sort of thing. For me, I didn’t like the multiplayer aspect but then again I grew up playing Diablo solo for a very very long time.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:





End Credits

Pretty slow week but it seems like after a few more games I will be completely caught up to Jan released games! Been kind of rough at work since one of my aides were out so I was short handed but we ended up doing a lot more cooking this week. If you want to see all the cooking I do with my classes, you can follow me on Twitter. I’ve been posting the stuff we make from time to time. It was an interesting week with Smores Cookies and homemade Salsa, which I highly recommend over store buying since it only cost me around $5 to make a tub of it. I believe the giveaway is only a few days left maybe 2 or 3. If you haven’t noticed all these reviews are ready for publishing a week ahead of time now since I don’t want to be behind anymore!


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