Nintendo Switch – Teslagrad #83

Platform Away

The Nintendo Switch has had many popular platformers thus far, from Mario Odyssey to Shovel Knight, the Switch has just about everything, but something it doesn’t really have are budget platformers. Odyssey Is full priced, Shovel Knight’s collection is $24.99, and while both of those are fairly priced for their content, they aren’t budget friendly by any means. Teslagrad however, is priced at a low $14.99, but is it good? Let’s find out!


Teslagrad – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/07/17 – $14.99

(Provided by Rain Games)

Beautifully Unique

Teslagrad’s visual are stunning, even when compared to more pricey platformers. From the beautifully drawn atmospheres, to the amazing shadows that add a touch of uniqueness. Besides Teslagrad’s visuals, its gameplay was extremely unique throughout my entire playthrough. The game contains multiple puzzles, chases, and enemies throughout its platforming, making for an experience that made me not only feel tense, but also think about what I was doing; making it a not very optimal choice for those who love mindless games.

Here is Teslagrad’s Icon in High resolution:



Teslagrad not only looks visually stunning, but it offers unique twists to its fluid platforming, creating an experience that is unlike any other currently available on the eShop. If you have been interested in a platformer that makes you think, Teslagrad is completely worth its price point of $14.99.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game an 9 out of 10!


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