Nintendo Switch – Party Planet #85

Plenty of minigames but nothing to hold it up…


Party Planet – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/12/17 – $29.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Mastiff)

To be honest I actually had high hopes for this game since Teyon has put out some games I liked. They are all older games from the DS but I did enjoy a few of them to remember their name when it came up as the developer for this game. The minigames are the prime feature in this game having over two dozen unique games which is great but can be overwhelming. I enjoyed a nice handful of games with Thor’s Thunder to be my favorite but with friends this game was a total bust. There are so many that the friends I did play with would start the game see how many minigames were there to choose from and just ask to play something else. It is a hard game to sell to people when each game is wildly different and all play different with no central goal. One friend asked me if there was any news on a Mario Party coming soon so that’s to show you games really need a goal to make them worth playing. For $30 I saw it is a quick pass unless you are able to get the physical version for very cheap. 

Sadly I really like this icon since it shows the title large and minigames behind it:



No story…


All the games are different so this is a hard one to explain so I’ll just give a general what to expect. I highly recommend looking at my gameplay footage since it will clear up a lot of information on games. The games are all different surprisingly with none of them repeating but since it is a minigame style game I would hope no ideas were repeated. Games ranged from pressing buttons to climb up a totem faster than your friends, breaking lines with bubbles ala Zuma, placing stones to block a bug, and pressing button combinations to defeat enemies. There are just so many that the entire review could be just going one by one since most would be one or two line reviews anyway.

Personal Experience

I liked playing some games a whole lot. I boot up Thor’s Thunder from time to time because it is a solid game even though it is just pressing buttons to defeat enemies. I wish the game did have a real party mode of some sort. Even if it was a slot machine with random 2-4 player minigames or even single player just to spice things up a bit. My friends didn’t want to play this game I was able to get maybe a half hour with them. It was pretty sad since the games I wanted to try they found boring. I can see this game could have potential but the execution was poor and really needed more work. Only good thing out of this I see is it will end up being a rare game in the long run so pick it up while you can. Any collector should be on the look out for the review copies that included a poster that was exclusive to reviewers as far as I can see. 

Final Thoughts

I have to give this game a pass since if anything it is fun the first time around since you will have to level up to unlock all the games but there was nothing really worth writing home about. I do see the potential of some of the games if they ever decided to make them full games. Thor’s Thunder was enough for me to really want to keep playing but outside of them one they are average at base. Most are just clones of other games that years ago would have been excellent. Party Planet feels like one of those 999 in 1 games but every game is different. Best advice is if you are a collector hunt down a reviewer’s copy that included the poster

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 2 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Sadly I wanted to like this game since it looked interesting but is sub par at best. What drew me the most was the idea of dozens of minigames to try out with my friends yet once I unlocked all of them. It offered too much and most people would rather just play something else. I wish it was something like Mario Party with a world map that players move around. It would have been really nice that made people try out minigames but since it has nothing like that people just wanted to play something else. 



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