Nintendo Switch – Acorn Tactics #88

Think Advance Wars but you have to build everything before the match!


Acorn Tactics – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/7/17 – $11.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by TACS Games)

This game is a bit weird to be honest, I have no clue if it wants to be serious or funny. The game is very solid to begin with! The battle system is great if you are reading everything or you will get lost really easily. If you sit down and play for the first hour you will be fine for the rest of the game. I had started it and stopped for a few days and didn’t understand why some of my robots were attacking each round while others didn’t. The story is about a group called ACORN and they are now defending the Earth from blobs… yeah I wish there were real aliens but blobs are pretty threatening in battle. The game is fairly short with 25 missions but it does offer a “random” mission mode which will generated completely different missions. Before each mission you will be able to take previously made robots into battle or create new ones. You also have the option to change the color of every aspect of the robot as well. It is a nice touch and ended up with some weird designs when I would just random them. I would say for $12 it does scratch my tactics itch which is great and it serves as a good starter tactics game for younger players.

Icon is pretty basic but wish the logo was a big bigger since I really like how it looks:



The group known as ACORN are sent out to protect the world from…. BLOBS! Yeah that’s about it, each mission you will learn a little bit more about the people around you that will heal, upgrade, or produce new units but the enemies never change. The blobs are pretty threatening surprisingly though. The first mission you will always lose one unit due to not understanding and the first few missions you may do the same. They come in small packs in each mission but that’s all we get for story. Blobs are attacking and we have to defend and hunt them down.


The game is a rather basic turn based tactic games but does offer one unique thing. You can burrow your units for better aiming and less damage. This is pretty cool but I found it easier just to push forward and flank enemies. In most cases the blobs will be in a position where you can easily put robots on both sides and kill them in one go. The game does suffer from the XCOM % hit misses. I found that even when I was right in front of the target I would miss and it didn’t make sense to me. This may have been just because I rather run and gun then slowly take my time and plan but it was odd.  

Personal Experience

After beating the game I felt as though I wanted more and not more missions with the random mode. I wanted more story and different enemies. The blobs are nice and all but they are the most harmless looking enemies. I enjoy the game so don’t get me wrong but wish there were other options. 

Final Thoughts

I would say go for it! The game is really cheap and fun, you will put plenty of time into it if you enjoy the game as well. 25 missions isn’t a whole lot but it is a nice taste of what I hope the TACS will push in their next game. At least I hope there is a next game since it is very solid so why not push forward or give up a bigger threat. At first I wasn’t sure about the game since the first 15 minutes is a lot of text but that seems to be the case with most tactics based games. There is a lot to explain but they want to get you into battles quickly. 

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:





End Credits

Pretty rough week sadly! I have been behind due to testing my students so each day I either completely forgot to post or I ran out of backups. I believe Pedro should have something this week so as I slowly try to post more I will have see if he can post something.


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