Nintendo Switch – World to the West #91

Zelda Comes in Many Shapes, and Sizes

World to the west is developed, and published by the wonderful folks who brought us Teslagrad. I personally loved that game’s artistic choices, and how it uniquely blended different genres into one game. My time spent with World to the west gave much of the same amazing feelings, leaving me assured that the developers have a bright future ahead.

Without further ado, let’s find out if World to the west deserves your hard earned money!


World to the West – Nintendo Switch – Released: 01/18/18 – $19.99

Here is an upscaled version of the game’s icon:


A Team of 4

World to the west has a Zelda Link to the past type of gameplay, but it doesn’t simply rip-off that gameplay like other modern games might. Instead, World to the west introduces a very unique gameplay twist: 4 playable characters, with unique abilities, and story backgrounds. There is a tiny character, a tall character, you get the gist, they are very different extremes in order to truly let you experience the game differently.

This was an amazing addition in my opinion, as it really allows for an experience where at least one of the characters will be of your likings. Besides this fantastic addition, the game’s gameplay has properly spaced out events, and smart puzzles (just like Teslagrad), making for an overall experience that feels extremely fluid.

To add to the fluid gameplay, the writing, and dialogue really add some character to the game, making it feel unique. In my opinion, the writing can be a make it or break it for a story-driven game, and in World to the west’s case, it is a very easy pass.

Attention to detail

Besides the gameplay, World to the west has some amazing attention to detail, something that seems to be a flagship of this developer. From the cartoony art-style, to the amazingly crafted music that just manages to make the player feel attached to this world, World to the west does it all amazingly well.

This game’s attention to detail really breaches the gap between indie, and full-fledged studios. While this may seem scary to some, it really comes to show how skilled, and unique indie developers can be.


If you have been dying for an experience that takes the best of Zelda’s past, and turns it into an unique experience, you can’t get any better than World to the West. Just buy this game, please do it, you won’t be disappointed, and I cannot express it enough!

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 9 out of 10!


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