Nintendo Switch – GunHouse #92

This is such a strange game…..


GunHouse – Nintendo Switch – Released: 1/15/18 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Necrosoft Games)

This game is very odd but it doesn’t have a ton to show off. The game play footage posted really does everything you would need to know about the game minus the bosses. Playing GunHouse was an interesting experience since handheld it feels solid but switching over to buttons was a nightmare. It feels slow and takes a long time to get use to. Outside of that the game feels really good and the game overall was a fun time. Now for the bad news… the game is currently expensive if you have a phone or tablet produced in the last 2-3 years. The game is $15 on Switch but $3 on mobile so not sure why there is such a huge jump in price. I would gladly recommend the game if it was $10 or even more so if it was lower. The game is pretty great with the touchscreen moving blocks and setting off waves of weapons and spells. I don’t have a phone good enough to run the game smoothly but I’m sure most other people do considering my phone is 4-5 years old. My phone was also less than $100 at the time so it wasn’t high end either. I would say if you have a mobile device good enough to play this game, go for it. If you only have a Switch able to play this wait for a sale or price drop. GunHouse is a fun experience but pricing is the only thing that keeps me from recommending it to purchase on Switch.

Really like this icon clearly has the title of the game and the enemies you fight:



Story isn’t explained well but you are protecting orphans and you unleashed barrage of spells and weapons to protect them. I’m not sure exactly what is attacking or why since it isn’t explained or at least I didn’t pick up on what is going on. 


The game is split between a puzzler and tower defense. You will need to match up, line up, or clear blocks to create bigger blocks. These will then be fed into either the left or right to power up your weapons or spells. The game will pause after each time your weapons run out and you will get another set amount of time to reload. During this time you will repeat the process until you clear the stage. The game does offer bosses but it plays out the same way so as long as you are creating huge blocks and feeding them into weapons it is fairly easy. The game can throw you a curve ball when things don’t stack up and you take damage.

Personal Experience

I really enjoyed this game on the go and considering my phone is nowhere near able to play games on it, this was a good time. My only issue is price… most people I know would have a phone or tablet able to play this game for $3 on the Google Play Store or App Store. It is a fun game on Switch when in handheld but the button controls are very hard to get use to. 

Final Thoughts

This is a tough one since I think it is pretty good as a touchscreen only game but the controls are rough. The game is cheaper on mobile as well so if anything I would say look into that if your phone or tablet can handle it. Depending on which you price up I would either wait for a price drop on Switch or get the mobile version. I do find it to be a fun game so look into it but on Switch it is a bit pricey. 

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:





End Credits

Ughhh another long week at work but thankfully I have half days for the next few days to write up several reviews and finish edits on a bunch of them. This week has been pretty crazy for emailing developers as well since I thought it would be a hard week. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be with many developers responding within 24-48 hours even for games that were a week or two already out. I will be giving out Nightmare Boy and Mad Carnage sometime this week so look out on the Nintendo Subreddit. Thanks everyone for reading and hope you enjoyed this review!


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