Nintendo Switch – Mad Carnage #98

For a second I was playing a turn based RPG but then remembered I am in a car!


Mad Carnage – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/2/18 – $4.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by QubicGames)

Surprisingly this game made me think it was a simple turn based RPG at first so my brain was like move quickly and attack first. That wasn’t the case I was quick to find out! The game is a bit weird at first and each mission felt as though I was being thrown into something I didn’t quite understand. The problem with this game is the game tries to move as quickly as possible to get you into the meat of the game by also holding your hand a bit. The game is fairly short at 20 story missions and it took me a few hours to beat. It took me a bit longer due to not fully understand why my car wouldn’t turn completely around but then I remembered I was in a car. I definitely say this is a game to check out. It is pretty weird though since it makes it seem like a standard turn based game but then locks you into the car movement that limits where you can go, turn, or attack.

Pretty nice icon but a bit basic, wish it was more like the loading screen:



The story is pretty generic but the style in which it is told is great. It begins with a long summary of what is going on with the main character. He is starting up his car and driving to an old city. A great war has happened that knocked out communication and many people died in the process. What was left were wastelands and people that fight each other for resources. That is the bulk of what you will need to know since after this point each mission has one to a few comic book style story telling. I love the idea of the comic book but wish it was presented from the beginning. The opening has a huge wall of text completely filling the screen which is boring to read compared to the comic style between missions.


This is where things get interesting since you are a car… You have to remember this while playing. You cannot turn around you must go forward and when going forward you must think a few steps ahead if you want to turn around. I found that if you want to turn completely around you typically need two or three turns. If you don’t remember you are a car you will forever go forward. Now that is out of the way… there are three types of cars. One is able to move quickly and shoot, another is built like a tank and can ram to destroy cars, and the other moves slowly but can fire twice in a turn. After each mission you will gain a gear that will allow you to upgrade your cars as well. This is very important to do since not every mission you will have the same cars or you may have multiple of one type that would benefit from the upgrades. The game does offer a local multiplayer but no one wanted to play with me…

Personal Experience

This is a weird one for me because turn based RPG kicked in real hard at first. I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t understand how my rockets worked, and I definitely didn’t understand how movement worked. The game is very odd at first if you are use to other games in the same genre. Once you get beyond that it is smooth sailing. I feel as though if I knew what I knew early on I wouldn’t have failed as many missions. It wasn’t until about the 8th mission that it clicked with me. After that I didn’t fail missions as often only a handful of times. I do wish it offered some sort of online multiplayer but I have a feeling no one would be on but would be fun with friends.

Final Thoughts

I would say go for it! It is an interesting game that offers a lot for just $5 surprisingly but I do wish it had more since there isn’t much after more after the first 5 missions. Once you complete those it is geared more for the story. The game does try to speed things up by giving you new things each mission or other mission but like I said holds your hand by not getting very hard until the end of the game.

UPDATE: 5/31/2018

I would give this game a 8 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


This game has no trailer!

End Credits

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