Nintendo Switch – Azkend 2 #99

This has an adventure mode???


Azkend 2: The World Beneath – Nintendo Switch – Released: 1/12/18 – $7.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by 10Tons)

I was kind of shocked by this game mainly because it has an adventure mode that doesn’t feel out of place in a 3-match puzzler. I find these types of games fun in small doses so my review is mainly from playing 5-10 mins here and there over the month. Azkend 2 is a flesh out sequel to an average mobile game, both games are mobile games if that bothers anyone. I have never played the first one but playing through this game ,ade me want to check out the first one. The game is pretty standard as match 3 or more like objects to clear them and proceed to the next level. The difference in Azkend is that each level has many different types of things to clear and depending on which item you have equipped it will have a different effect. The game is fairly long with 17 chapters each with 3-4 missions in each one. There is a challenge mode that offers time attack and medals to collect. I would say check this out if you like 3-match puzzlers since it is a good game and compared to the price on iOS and Android it is worth the extra few bucks to have it on a dedicated handheld to not eat up your battery. 

Simple icon just taking the title screen and putting it smaller:



You are on a boat traveling across the sea when strange weather starts to happen. A whirlpool appears and sucks your ship down and you wake up with no memory of what happened after going down. You have to travel in this new world to fix a path back to your world. A pretty simple story that doesn’t try to hard and simple enough to make you want to find out more about this new world.


The game is pretty simple but the main draw is the story mode. It is a nice experience from beginning to end since it doesn’t try to be crazy complicated. All 17 chapters have 3-4 small missions in them that all involve the story. This could be as simple as fixing a pair of glasses to gathering the pieces of an item. Between each of the chapters you will have to play a Where’s Waldo style game that has you looking for a certain section and you click on the right spot to move on. 

Personal Experience

I had a pretty nice time playing this game but it isn’t for everyone since it is just a standard 3-match puzzler at its core. It does have an interesting story to keep you going which was the main reason why I kept playing. The game doesn’t offer any big changes but it is nice to see that 10Tons has the ability to take on every genre. I do still prefer their twin stick shooters and still waiting on Tesla so this is just another game that I may never pick up but will give my nephew when he wants to play something simple. 

Final Thoughts

I would say check out the game! It might be best if it was $5 to match the mobile prices but understandable that it is slightly more on Switch. 10Tons has been great in supplying these small titles to keep people busy when they don’t want or have much time on their hands. I am surprised by the string of games that are released by the company but I guess it is to build up the name before their next big title comes out. Glad Tesla is getting so many great reviews on the PC side so hopefully that is coming sooner rather than later for Switch.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:

Will update as soon as the footage is published on YouTube.



End Credits

Here it is the big 99! The next review is ready to go so hopefully you check it out and I have a video review for it as well to make a new beginning for the website. So I’ll catch you guys tomorrow with a video review and written review of the original SteamWorld Dig for the Switch.

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