Nintendo Switch – SteamWorld Dig #100

Another home run or should have they started with this one?

Mad Carnage - Nintendo Switch - First 10 Minutes Screenshot 2018-02-25 01-44-34

SteamWorld Dig – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/1/18 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Image and Form)

So it has finally come for the last game in the SteamWorld Dig Trilogy to come to the Switch. I was very excited to finally see it come to the Switch but was it really a good idea to bring it so late? Obviously now that all three are out brand new players will be able to experience the series from beginning to end but what about the people who played the trilogy out of order? I have to say first that I love this series so no matter what I say it comes from a place that genuinely loves this series. My biggest issue is many players are going into this game already beaten SteamWorld Dig 2 if they just started the series on Switch. SteamWorld Dig 2 fixed many of the problems I had with the original. The first game is very short, no easy teleportation, and the game is pretty easy when you compare it to the sequel. Heist is a whole different animal so hopefully we get a true SteamWorld Dig 3 to fill in some of the missing information. When compared to the sequel it is night and day but SteamWorld Dig offers a humble game with so much potential that is fully realized in the sequel. You must play this game first, really do yourself the favor and start from the beginning. The Switch is by far the best way of playing on the go to enjoy the full trilogy but given the 3DS is got SteamWorld Dig 2 in 60FPS in 3D…. It might be best on 3DS for the full trilogy. I’m not going to be reviewing it but I’m sure SW2 on 3DS will be the most ideal way to play on the go. I’m really excited to recommend this game for anyone looking at it since the entire trilogy is well worth your time… hopefully we get a trilogy physical copy or at least an Amiibo. Thank you so much Brjann Sigurgeirsson for supporting my reviews by supplying review copies to someone with a small fan base!

Icon seems to be the same from the 3DS and it is an average one:

Mad Carnage - Nintendo Switch - First 10 Minutes Screenshot 2018-02-25 01-44-18.png


Rusty finds out that his uncle has passed away in the mines and he acquires his deed. Moving to Tumbleton to find out what has happened, he ventures into the mine to retrieve his uncle’s pick axe. He slowly digs deeper down to find that the world below isn’t what it seems. Rusty takes charge to unravel the dark secrets in the mines but finds out more than he wanted. The story of SteamWorld Dig is a pretty dark story once you find out what has happened. It is surprising that such a cheerful looking game could have such a twisted ending. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will leave it at that but if you have played SteamWorld Dig 2, you already know how dark this game can become.


It is a metroidvania style of game with a robot western theme. It is pretty straight forward, you will journey into the mines with just a pick ax. As you dig, you will uncover some blocks or areas you can’t get to. As you find treasure and bring it to the surface you will earn gold and new items as you level up. Once you reach a certain level you will unlock new gear which will allow you to explore new areas. When you get to certain special mines there will be an upgrade item such as dashing, drill, or double jump. There are enemies everywhere but the main goal is to farm jewels and take them back to the surface. There is only one boss and it is the final boss so don’t expect to run into anything big until the very end. Most of the enemies are pretty standard that will require anywhere between 3-10 hits depending on your upgrades.

Personal Experience

This game has been on my 3DS since 2013 and I haven’t played it since last year when I got a Vita. It was a little after they showed off SteamWorld Dig 2 that I decide to venture into the mines again. SteamWorld Dig 1 on Switch is a blessing and a curse… It is a blessing to finally have all the SteamWorld games on Switch but a curse because it was just a straight port of the original. I loved this game back in the day and even last year but with the introduction of SW2 it was hard to look at this game and not see the minor issues. I can see pass them just because it was the first game in the series and things got ironed out in the sequel. I do wish they updated it slightly to include a fast travel to any of the mines instead of buying your own teleporter or just having a free teleporter next to these mines. While playing the Switch version I died and noticed that I was actually stuck and had to go all the way around. Not because I wanted to but because it was faster that way. After that I started buying a teleporter every time I went back to the surface. I must have purchased at least 10 by the end of the game just so I could breeze through it.

Final Thoughts

No doubt about it… go pick up this game! It is the beginning of the trilogy and starting point of an amazing series. It may have aged a bit poorly in some areas it is still an easy game to pick up and love. SteamWorld Dig is still an amazing game but put up against SteamWorld Dig 2 the changes were important to the series mainly because the game got much bigger. SteamWorld Dig 1 is a short game at around 3 hours if you are quick on your feet so around 5 hours if you have never played it before. This is still one of my favorite games that is a must play even though it is now 5 years old. Anyone that enjoys Metroid will love this series and it is a great starting point for any children since it may remind them of another certain digging game.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 10 out of 10!

Video Review:




My Gameplay Footage:



End Credits

Wow my 100th is with one of my favorite 3DS games in college. It is a bitter sweet feeling to finally play this game again after several playthroughs. I have this game on 3DS, Steam, Vita, and Switch…. It is exciting to have Brjann support me all this time with review copies as well. When I first emailed Brjann, I didn’t expect an answer but 24 hours after I emailed him. I held a review copy of SteamWorld Dig 2 in my hands. It is weird how quickly things move within 5 months of getting a review copy for something. SteamWorld Dig 2 had just come out no rumors of the rest of the games coming to Switch. Heist was a few months away and now a month later we have the completely trilogy. My review of SteamWorld Dig 2 was almost 90 reviews ago…. It is so weird to think about that now. It is weird that a CEO would say yeah review our game to a guy that has no following, I don’t think I even had Twitter account yet, no way of recording gameplay, and yet here I am still going!

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