Nintendo Switch – Tales of the Tiny Planet #105

Such a simple game but needed so much more in terms of levels…


Tales of the Tiny Planet – Nintendo Switch – Released: 1/18/18 – $19.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by PixelSplit)

Fairly short review so just look at the long review…

Wish it had the title but shows exactly what to do:



No story as far as I can tell….


You only use one button to move things but with this simple mechanic they were able to do a lot of things. The goal is just to move the planet quickly to the goal to proceed to the next stage. While you are doing this you will move objects at the same time. You press a button and things will move around, quickly move to push an object, or turn over spikes. There are six planets with 12 stages in each one so the game is fairly short but it has a co-op mode. The co-op mode is a same set of stages but people control different parts. This changes up the stages slightly but overall are the same things. I did find it enjoyable and much easier to do over Snipperclips with my nephew. 

Personal Experience

I really enjoyed this game and since it has that stars per stage incentive. It made me go back to several stages to keep replaying over and over again to get the best score. The biggest issue is that the game is fairly easy and depends on a lot of luck. I’ve picked up this game several times much like other mobile games with the same incentive. It is just easy and I was able to quickly get through the game so for $20 is a bit steep in my opinion. 

Final Thoughts

I would say it is a bit on the high side so I wish it was around $10 but it does offer a lot if you plan on playing Co-op. If it was cheaper I would gladly recommend it but as it stands I would say pass unless it is on sale for $15 or lower.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Sadly I really like this game but the shortness of it and the lack of replayability if you are good at this game holds it back. I’ve spent a lot of time on it just because I wanted to play with my nephew who enjoyed it a lot so that is enough for me to pick up a game like this. I love being able to play games with other people who aren’t as much gamers and this is one of those games. I would love to recommend it but considering I was able to 100% it in less than 10 hours doesn’t validate the price. 

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