Nintendo Switch – Old Man’s Journey #109

Old, yet not dead

To many of us Switch owners, the eShop is packed with terrible mobile games that simply shouldn’t be on the platform, but what happens when a great mobile game is ported to the Switch? That was one question I had in mind when playing, and reviewing Old Man’s Journey, leading me to positively shocking discoveries.


Old Man’s Journey – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/20/2018 – $9.99

The antique beauty


Gorgeous. That is one word that summarizes Old Man’s Journey in its entirety. The game is based of a puzzle system, where players drag different parts of the environment, altering their 3D perception, allowing our protagonist to peacefully cross what may sometimes seem like ominous situations. I love this concept, not only because its a first for the Nintendo Switch, but because it is specially unique in its entirety.

Story-wise, Old Man’s Journey describes the journey (duh) of an old man (duh again) trying to relive his past memories. At first this concept creates a weird mystery, as we know nothing about our character, however this same characteristic soon becomes one of the game’s strongest narrative points, making Old Man’s Journey a joy to play from start to finish.

What makes the game even better, is the pixel-perfect attention to detail. From the fantastic hand-drawn visuals that cause each level to feel like a painting, to the peaceful music that brings a much desired tranquility, Old Man’s Journey’s development team knew what a game needs: its own atmosphere.

Stuck in a different dimension


Perhaps everyone’s main concern with a title such as Old Man’s Journey is its mobile nature, but I am happy to report that Old Man Journey never gave me its mobile vibe, well kinda. You see, despite the game’s intelligently distinct puzzles, they share one main characteristic in common: their ease in completing through touchscreen controls. It becomes conspicuously evident as soon as you finish your first puzzle, and by the time you’re halfway through this journey, most will find themselves using touchscreen controls as their main method of navigation.

This however, isn’t an entirely bad aspect of Old Man’s Journey, as it gives players the option of playing in a tablet-esque configuration, completely leaving their hefty joy cons behind. When looked at under this very specific scope, Old Man’s Journey uses its mobile roots to its advantage, trading console-like complicatedness for the ease of portability.


If anything, I have taken away one main lesson from Old Man’s Journey: certain mobile games are more than welcomed onto the Switch’s developing platform. From its intriguing, sometimes jaw-dropping visuals, to rather mind-breaking puzzled, Old Man’s Journey is certainly one path that you do not want to miss.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 8 out of 10!

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Hey everyone, I am back in full gear after a long trip, and a rather tedious SAT. Expect more reviews coming live to your favorite spot, 100 Hour Reviews. If you enjoyed today’s review, make sure to stay tuned, as we strive to release daily content.


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