Nintendo Switch – Gate of Doom #114

An interesting arcade game that I wish I could play at the arcade…

Speed Review:


Gate of Doom – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/15/18 – $7.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by FTE Games)

This one is fairly short so the long review isn’t very long. Enjoy!

This icon is pretty bad in my opinion since characters are behind the logo:



The people of Etrulia was once a peaceful kingdom but evil poisoned their minds. This poison opened the Gate of Doom and creatures, demons, and monsters flooded the kingdom. The people prayed for the return of the four heroes of ancient times. You take control of one of the heroes and sent forward to close the Gate of Doom. 

It’s a pretty simple story likely due to the arcade not having much space so your characters venture forth to seal the Gate of Doom. 


The game is a standard two player beat em up. As you take control as four different heroes which all have different play styles. The Knight has a strong weapon, Wizard has powerful magic (which is just a ranged attack), Bard can’t be poisoned, and the Ninja can move quickly. You will pick up items that do different items like more powerful attacks. As you defeat enemies you will fill up a spell meter, once filled you will unleash a powerful spell. These spells differ depending on the page shown on the upper left corner. These are all elemental attacks that can turn you into a tornado, pillar of water, dark cloud that fires lighting, large metal ball and a few other things. 

Personal Experience

As I was playing this I really wish I had the ability to connect it to my arcade stick. It would be great to slap down on the extra coins when playing this game. I did find the camera to be fighting me at times with enemies popping up or attacking out of nowhere. Forced me several times to slow down and attack from a distance. The bosses were interesting since they all seemed to have an attack that forced me to get hit at least once. Sometimes it felt like a cheap shot since if I wasn’t playing the Wizard I would be forced into being close to get hit every single time. 

Final Thoughts

While Johnny Turbo might be the least recognizably mascot, it is funny to see him displayed so prominently as you boot up the game. The game hasn’t aged very well but I do have to recommend it as a solid time killer even if it was short lived. I had a fun time playing through the game but the weird camera does make certain enemies feel as though they pop out of nowhere. I wonder what games he will bring in the future and hopefully the next one is more well known.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 6 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Easy game and pretty enjoyable. I do already have Bad Dudes in my inbox so I’ll be checking that out sometime this week so look forward to that! I have Super Toy Cars up and ready to publish along with Super One More Jump. I’ll be putting up Super Toy Cars tomorrow and I have a giveaway that will be on the subreddit for it so look out for that. As always tell me what you think of the review, any ideas or suggestions, and I’ll see you in the next review!

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