Nintendo Switch – Super Toy Cars #115

Physics why don’t you work…. sometimes….

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Super Toy Cars – Nintendo Switch – Released: 3/2/18 – $9.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Eclipse Games)

Super Toy Cars was a game I was kind of looking forward to. It has the bright eye popping style, remembrance of Micro Machines and Toy Story. Sadly the game doesn’t hold up well when you have Mario Kart 8 Deluxe looming over it. It is a sad state that when Nintendo steps into a genre, there is really is nobody to match what they put out. Super Toy Cars tries to do a lot of what old games do but fails at a few pit stops. While the game looks gorgeous, environments can be a bit brutal toward players.  You could be miles ahead but one failed drift or turn could cause you to hit a wall or turn over. While this is great to penalize players for wrong moves if you aren’t in the lead you won’t be able to recover. The items in the game don’t give you enough to catch up and the drifting is too hard to always get enough to boost due to small bumps. I really like how this game looks and if I could review it on just that it would easily be in my top 10 Switch games. But since everything must be taken into consideration… It gets a soft pass. 

I really like this icon it is simple:



There is no story so onto gameplay!


While the game may seem like a standard racing game…. it is. No surprise here, it really is an average racing game with the standard items, drifting but has one unique aspect. The course can sometimes change while you are on a lap. You might have a cup fall over putting some trash in your way. I do like when this happens since other games do it too but everything stays on the course. If you it happens on the second lap, the trash is still in that area but moved due to other cars crashing into them. That is one unique aspect but the game does offer the standard items like oil spots to slow down someone, speed boost, and an 8 ball that is like the big shell in Double Dash. 

Personal Experience

Funny enough I liked this game when I didn’t hit any walls or randomly flipped over on a tight turn. Super Toy Cars is a fun racing game for a low price. Even though the timed race tracks are really too close for comfort. You can check out the gameplay footage to see what I mean. I had a fun time playing it, I didn’t have any time to try out the multiplayer mode since my nephew refused to play it. He would just say he wanted to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but that is likely due to the auto steering. The game is a good time when physics don’t want to act up. I had a hard time drifting and tracks can have small speed bumps to prevent you from setting up a good drift. I would think I had enough speed but just end up slamming into a wall because I didn’t have enough. 

Final Thoughts

As stated in the short review I would give this a soft pass. Super Toy Cars can be frustrating at times but most of the time enjoyable. The physics is the only downfall to this game which can be countered by repeated play throughs. The issue with that is it isn’t a pick up and play game for casual players. If you look at the gameplay footage you will see that I was great during the timed race but one mistake caused me to slip too far behind. Even though I got to the next checkpoint, it didn’t give me enough time to recover for the next one. If you are looking for a cheap racing game than I would say go for it since it is worth the try. Just note that this isn’t a game I would recommend to people that want an easy party game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. 

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 4 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

I really wish they could fix the physics but I have no clue how hard or easy that would be. The game is really fun but sometimes the physics can ruin a race. Which could easily mean several minutes lost just because the physics decided to not work as well. I do look forward to other Eclipse Games next title since the game looks amazing. If they were able to iron out the physics I can definitely see a sequel doing really well. Maybe add a few more items or do some sort of Diddy Kong Racing style of item upgrades would be great. As always tell me what you think of the review, any ideas or suggestions, and I’ll see you in the next review!

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