Nintendo Switch – Sparkle Unleashed #117

Another time killer but is it really worth the time?


Sparkle Unleashed – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/25/17 – $7.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by 10Tons)

Sparkle Unleashed is another time killer game that I would have loved years ago but these types of games flood the Switch’s line up. 10Tons has done an amazing job porting all their games to the Switch. With over 100 levels in Sparkle Unleashed it is hard to say you won’t get your money’s worth. It isn’t that it is a bad game it is just something that we all know already in the form of Zuma. Sparkle does have a few differences with the addition of power ups but nothing ground breaking. There really isn’t anything to fix this style of game since it is already at its peak. Many people will love this game certainly for children who love to use the touch screen. The buttons feel just as great but the touchscreen is the best way of playing. Then again I don’t see anyone wanting to play this on the big screen. I would only recommend me this game for people who have never experience this style of puzzle game. For me the Switch has better and 10Tons has put out better.

Icon is pretty average since it just show what you will be doing:



This game has a story which surprised me… A darkness spread across the land and places of power were quiet. As the adventurer you will go to fight the darkness and bring light back to the world. That’s it nothing crazy but at least it is something.


Depending on how you play the game you have the option between buttons or touch screen. The buttons can be a bit slow to react and the game was built with the touch screen in mind. You just line up three or more of the same color and they burst. Much like Bust-A-Move instead it is a snaking line that once it reaches a certain point causes a game over. The main gimmick is the power ups that are obtain after getting a combo. Then a power up will randomly appear that you can collect. These include a bomb, a shot that will take out one color in a line or freeze the line for a short period of time.

Personal Experience

I really wish I could enjoy this style of games more since I do like the idea of a 3 match puzzle games but the shooting aspect always felt boring. Don’t get me wrong I love shooting stuff to match colors… I own too many copies of Bust-A-Move and hold the record at a local Arcade. I did play through the entire game in short bursts and it killed a lot of time. I never regretted playing the game but I do feel as though it would have been better doing something else.

Final Thoughts

The game would be a pass for me just because this style of puzzle games was and likely never be something to entertain me for several hours. I enjoyed Zuma almost 15 years ago but today is a different story. Being much older I can understand why I enjoyed them back then and sure plenty of children would love today. I love that 10Tons is putting so much effort into porting over all their games to the Switch. This may have been one that they kept in the vault.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 4 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:

Will add this weekend!




End Credits

Easy game to review wish it didn’t take me as long as it should have. I’ve been playing it a ton on and off just to get through the entire game. I just wish I could enjoy this genre more. I personally love games like Cut the Rope or games that give me a little more objectives to do. I would love to see some sort of challenge for each stage like get a 5x combo or something like that. I love going for those little extra objectives. They make me want to play the game more. Mind you I don’t like achievements since most cases they are dumb or stupidly hard to obtain…. looking at you Gears of War! I use to like them when I didn’t have the time or money to purchase games when I was in high school but now it is a waste. It is great that many people like them but since they offer no rewards it is hard to make a point of collecting them. As always let me know how you enjoyed the review, tell me any tips or anything to improve, and look out tomorrow for the next review!

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