Nintendo Switch – Super One More Jump #116

Just one more try…. just one more try…. just one more jump!

Speed Review:

Super One More Jump – Nintendo Switch – Released: 1/25/18 – $7.00

Short Review (Review copy provided by SMG Studio)

A game I wasn’t too sure about when I saw trailers of it. As I sat in front of my TV, it gave me the same feelings I had about Super Meat Boy. A title so fitting for how I was feeling at the time, just one more try. Each level steps up the difficulty just a little bit so you always have the sense that you are getting better as time going on. When you factor in the collectibles in each stage and the goal of unlocking everything it keeps calling you back for more. Many indie games fail to keep people’s attention for a long period of time but Super One More Jump made me keep coming back for more. The boot up is snappy and gets you quickly into another level that could take one minute or several minutes. That depends on your skill and the motivation to collect everything. Super One More Jump may not appeal to everyone but to me it is pretty high on enjoyment. I highly recommend this game for people who want some tough as nails platforming and a ton of replay ability.

Really like this icon, simple but shows off everything you need to know:



No Story so onto the Gameplay!


While the game is just a single button jump game it offers a ton of levels. The main game has around 100 stages while the other modes will add another 100 levels. Those modes include… In each of the stages you will collect gems that unlock other rewards. These include character skins, level skins, and more levels. These are all cosmetic but some are interesting designs. The base design is still my favorite but I do like to change the level skin because the base level design is average. My favorite is the grassy level design. The stages progress slowly so there is no brutal difficulty until the very end.

Personal Experience

I was able to 100% this game and it takes a while to get certain gems. I found that most stages were tough just because they didn’t have a safe zone for me. A safe zone really helps at times to just continuously jump in an area or until you get the distance correct. The worst stages were ones that you needed to gather all three gems without missing them because if you can’t go back to grab them.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend this game! This is definitely up there on one of my favorite time killer games on the Switch. These styles of games don’t appeal to many people but people really should be giving these games a try. Super One More Jump reminds me of Super Meat Boy as a game that made me want to throw my Switch across the room. That isn’t a bad thing though since once I get over that stage and collect all the gems I would be feeling on top of the world. Super One More Jumps nails the “one more try” feeling with all their stages. I know I haven’t tried any of their other “One More” series of games but I hope they bring Super versions of them to the Switch.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 9 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

I really enjoyed this game but once I checked out their website I was wondering what other games they could bring to the Switch. They actually have two other “One More” so it would be great to get Super versions of them. I haven’t heard anything but it would be really fun to try those out. I think they would be great for the Switch since they are different from other games currently on the eShop. As always let me know how you enjoyed the review, tell me any tips or anything to improve, and look out tomorrow for the next review!

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