Nintendo Switch – Aqua Kitty UDX #118

Meow meowwwww meoww mew meooowww? MEEOW!

Speed review:

Aqua Kitty UDX – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/15/18 – $8.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by Tikipod)

I wasn’t too sure about this game at first. Trailer was really hyped with a ton of things going on but it had cats in it. I love kittens so I wanted to give it a go and it did not disappoint. As a fan of all things bullet hell, it was already on a good start. The first several stages felt too easy and even felt that way until around the three-quarter mark. Then things got crazy! I like crazy and I like a challenge so when each mission requires you to complete a set number of waves and keep a number of kittens safe. I knew I would want to kill everything and save all the kittens. Aqua Kitty UDX is a great starting point for anyone getting into the genre. It starts off easy enough that anyone can pick it up and play. Great for co-op sessions and definitely great for children. My nephew would freak out anytime he heard a kitty cry out when it got picked up. Aqua Kitty is charming in all the right ways, brutal when it needs to be, and all around a ton of fun. I highly recommend this game… one second let me just save this kitten… Shoot! I slammed into another bullet because there was so much stuff between me and the kitten.

Love this icon surprised how many enemies they fit on the icon in high quality:



While there isn’t really stories the game offers two modes that you can piece your own stories for. The normal campaign is the protection of kittens as they are mining for milk because there is currently a shortage in the world. The second mode, the Dreadnought campaign is about freeing kittens that have been imprisoned. There isn’t really anything in the game to really tell you more than that and that is information I found from their website and piecing it together while playing. 


This is where things get tricky since the game has three big modes. Normal which is a standard bullet hell with upgrades that drop once in a while that last for a short period of time. Arcade which you can purchase upgrades using gems. Those two modes have a boss at the end of a few stages and have a set number of waves until you can exit the level. Then there is Dreadnought which you saves kittens in a stage and fight a boss. This is more an open area to explore than a looping stage like in Normal and Arcade. There is a set order to play these stages as well while the other modes you can take on any level in a group. All these modes have a normal and easy mode if you need to change. All modes and every stage keep track of time and combined will put you on the leader board. The last thing is infinite mode which as you can guess is forever until you die. This is my favorite mode because every time I get just a hair closer to cracking top 10.

Personal Experience

Just one more try to get a higher rank! Just one more time to get one place higher! This is how I’ve felt since I started the game and even more so once I finished the campaign the first time. It was always just a little bit more to get a little higher in the leader board. This is by far my favorite feature and should be included in all games that have a high score. It is nice to see my score raise against other places. Sadly no one else has the game that’s on my friend list so I can’t compete with them. Some of these high scores are nuts but just one more try should do it!

Final Thoughts

I would say go for it! Hands down one the top games I’ve played this past month. At $9 you aren’t getting a whole lot of content if you are looking at just the normal mode. When you factor in all the different modes, you get a whole lot of game. I do hope Tiki Pods are working on another game since I really look forward to whatever game they produce next! Or hopefully bringing their other games to the Switch that have been out for a while now.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 10 out of 10!

My Gameplay Footage:



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