Nintendo Switch – One More Dungeon #120

One More Port


One More Dungeon – Nintendo Switch – Released: 12/14/2017  – $7.99

One More Dungeon is a highly looked upon indie title, and as such it has found home in many systems, with its latest endeavor being of course the Nintendo Switch. Throughout my time with this highly regarded indie, I found little reason to explain its high success however.

Fight To Death


One More Dungeon is a rather simple game, taking the main premise of every rogue-like game ever: make it across waves of randomly generated enemies, collect random loot, and survive as long as you can. This really explains the game in its entirety, as it really doesn’t do much to set itself apart from the high diversity of titles in the genre. However there is one thing that makes One More Dungeon somewhat unique: first person view.

Really it sounds quite simple, but is such a nice addition to the genre. During my play through I found that this perspective made the game feel a lot more personal at times, but unfortunately the rest of the game didn’t really add to that somewhat satisfying feeling.

Unless You Die First


To start my list of complaints, I simply dislike the visuals. I feel like the pixelated graphics while beautiful, simply don’t do justice to the enemies in this game, making me feel as if they were designed in under five minutes during some speed-art competition for kindergarten kids. It simply isn’t good, and when compared to the visuals of a title such as Enter The Gungeon, it becomes hard to appreciate One More Dungeon.

Next on the list are the mechanics, because while first person adds a lot to this game’s value, the combat simply doesn’t feel satisfying, something that is an essential for a title of this kind. To add to this frustration is the rather low diversity in weapons, enemies, and dungeons, leaving much to be desired, specially after hearing such great things from this game.

Lastly is the port itself, because while it runs great, I couldn’t help but feel as if the controls were clunky, which was a harsh feeling to come across. Even the game’s start menu doesn’t properly fit the Switch’s screen, looking rushed, and generally ugly in comparison to any other game currently available on the eShop.


In conclusion I can simply say that while One More Dungeon is a decent rogue-like, it is simply not for me. For fans of the rogue-like first person sub-genre, there is some to like about one more dungeon, but even casual gamers such as myself, there is simply nothing that truly appeals in One More Dungeon’s overly-simplistic nature.

UPDATE: 5/31/18

I would give this game a 7 out of 10!


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