Nintendo Switch – Bridge Constructor Portal #122

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Bridge Constructor Portal – Nintendo Switch – Released: 2/28/18 – $14.99

Short Review (Review copy provided by HeadUp Games)

Bridge Constructor is a game that already checked all the boxes in a great physics based game. When I heard HeadUp Games were doing a Bridge Constructor Portal, I was extremely excited. Likely more excited to see the Portal series once again after spending too much time in “The Lab”. BCP is a prime example that even if a series gets a fresh coat of paint, it is still an excellent game. I do wish to be playing a Portal 3 or playing Portal 1 and 2 on Switch this will likely hold me for the next few years. BCP is a physics based bridge maker with Glados telling you about how awful you are. It is a pleasant surprise to hear her voice once again with a ton of voice over work. Your main objective is to get your fellow coworkers over a bridge you constructed with little to no money. This could be as simple as crossing a bridge to hurling them into the air with ramps to fly though a portal and come out another. As they say “speedy things go in, speedy things comes out”, gratefully that is not the case for the length of this game. I thought this game was going to be a quick 5-8 hour game. I ended up playing the game for almost 15 hours! You definitely get your money’s worth when you buy this game. I am excited to say this is another game that I highly recommend. As someone that loves the Portal series and the Bridge Constructor series, it was a great mashup that even though I doubt there will be a sequel, I sure hope this gets a sequel!

Love this icon but do wish it had the title since the logo is nice:



Did you think this game would have a story mode? I really didn’t expect it but when I booted it up and placed in a queue line. I was shocked to be answering questions to get a chance at getting a job working at Aperture. It isn’t anything crazy but these touches really give the game life to a series that didn’t require it. Glados gives narration before or after each mission and in the opening you land your dream job to watch the people behind you walk home with their heads down. You are the newest bridge constructor tasked with getting trucks to their destinations.


This is where things get crazy since this game is based I believe after or during the events of Portal 2. You have the normal bridge constructing but portals, launch pads, bouncing gels, and speed gels exist. This makes the entire game different than the original because you will be creating bridges that require you or hinder you with gels. You may need to hurl the truck the truck using a launch pad at a precise speed to hit the bounce gel to get to the exit. You may need to create a ramp right after a speed gel to get enough air to make it across the acid water.

The game has 60 levels of this madness and it is a great time from start to finish. The later stages can be brutal which likely is why the game took so long but I believe the game could be beaten within 10 hours. If you didn’t have to do so much trial and error but I highly doubt most people will be able to get all levels cleared without dying once.

Personal Experience

Being a lover of Portal it is hard to not see a third game in the series. Valve has this terrible way of showing how they love their series by never giving us a third sequel. Left4Dead, Half Life, and Portal suffer the same fate. We will likely never get a sequel and it is a real shame. BCP fills in that small void by giving us some light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is filled with a truck coming toward us. I enjoyed playing through the entire story mode even though I expected less for a $15 game. It is shocked to find such a solid game with so much content even though it is just test chamber after test chamber.

Final Thoughts

I don’t think I have to say much since it is a definitely go for it! I love the Portal series and the Bridge Constructor series so I am a little bias. Sadly all reviews contain some bias since one person’s taste could be completely different from another person’s taste. Either way, I am glad to high recommend this game and give it a 10 out of 10 for its great price point, amount of content, and humor. Only issue I have is that we don’t have a Portal 3 but maybe we will get a Bridge Constructor Portal 2 but then never get a BCP3.

My Gameplay Footage:


End Credits

Surprisingly it seems as though smaller indie titles get the most hits on my website… I have no clue why but it is interesting to watch something “One More Dungeon” get double views versus a brand new game like Penny-Punching Princess. Very odd but eh it happens I guess. More interest in a game that no one has heard of versus something they people may already be interesting and purchasing? I guess that could be it. You wouldn’t really look at a review of a game you were already planning on buying. I know for me I haven’t looked at any review of Kirby yet it sits on my shelf… sealed. I’ll get to it eventually when I finally have games being put out the week of release. Pedro has been great help cutting up some of the load. Would be interesting to get another writer but with no money it is kind of hard to push for something like that.

Speed reviews are currently going to be paused for this weekend and likely next week of reviews. I am going away so I have a ton of reviews already written up but the voice over work isn’t done. I always make a script for them and didn’t have time to record. This review is the first one to go out while I am away. The next few games this week will be Yodanji, Little Triangle, The Final Station, Blossom Tales, Vesta, and Heart & Slash. Most of these are already written up so look forward to those in the next few days! I will be away the entire weekend so at least three of these will go up.

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